The Tenors Lead with Your Heart Tour Review - Led with Heart and Voice!

The Tenors led with both heart and voice Sunday, May 12th at the Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University. Their mix of classical and popular styles gave chills to the audience, and left all members standing for more!


The Tenors, formally known as The Canadian Tenors, have been on tour for over a month promoting their new album Lead with Your Heart. Members Remigio Pereira, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray have been together for five years and this is their second album. They graced the Auditorium Theatre with not only their amazing voices, but their good looks, humor and charm! All dressed to the nines, The Tenors started strong with their single Lead with their Heart, a new popular crowd favorite. Not only was the song amazing, but near the end of their first song, all of their mothers surprised them on Mother’s Day, and all four men were clearly floored. The audience was so touched as the men all explained the importance of family in their lives and how it affected their songwriting, and the tour as a whole.

They showcased their individual talents as Victor sang a touching, operatic Our Father, Remi showcased his skills with some operatic Hispanic music, Frasier belted out a Broadway tune from Les Miserables and Clifton crooned an Irish classic. It was so enjoyable to hear the differences in their voices and let their individual talents shine through. Clifton and Frasier have an affinity towards popular classics, while Remi and Victor are very strong with Italian opera and Hispanic tunes. But when they all combined was when they all were at their best. Their more current songs, like World Stand Still and Anchor Me not only were powerful, and gave me the chills, but also pumped up the crowd and classics like Amazing Grace brought tears to my eyes. Their cover of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young was a great new twist on the classic, but the biggest crowd pleaser was the ten minute standing ovation for the operatic classic Nessun Dorma, made famous by the late Luciano Pavarotti. Victor and Remi’s soulful and tear filled performance of the piece truly filled the Auditorium and struck a chord with all who heard it. The harmonies by all four men at the end truly gave me chills.

I truly could listen to The Tenors for hours (two and a half were not enough!), not only for their unbelievable voices, but their touching stories and good graces towards all those who were present to listen to them on that Mother’s Day. It’s no wonder that the group just won their first Canadian Juno Award (Canada’s version of the Grammy Award) and landed themselves twenty first on the Billboard 200 Chart. In addition to those honors, they recently sang at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and The Emmy Award Show. Though they’ve been busy, one can truly tell that their bond as musicians is truly strong and their collaboration together is not to be missed. I hope that The Tenors come again soon to Chicago when I can experience that sweet power that is their music once more.

Photos: Courtesy of The Tenors Lead With Your Heart Tour

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