The Rosenkranz Mysteries Review – An Uplifting and Healing Magic Show

The Rosenkranz Mysteries, now playing at the Royal George Theatre, was well worth the effort to get to the theatre despite the first snow of the year that made travel slow and walking challenging.  This show was magic done differently.


Ricardo Rosenkranz

I had not previously known about all of the theatres that make up the Royal George. I finally located the Royal George Theatre’s Cabaret space at the far end of the bar behind doors and discovered an intimate space that was perfect for this show.


Ricardo Rosenkranz


I was intrigued and delighted with the illusions that Dr. Rosenkranz presented.  The intimate cabaret style venue was the perfect setting to enjoy the illusions. Ricardo Rosenkranz stars in The Rosenkranz Mysteries, a one-man show, tis so popular that is has been exenteded through January 22, 2017.



Quite an illusion

This was magic that I found uplifting and healing. But what would one expect from Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz who is a respected professor at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and who teaches a course in Magic and Medicine to first year medical students. In part of this show the audience is told to pretend to be these medical students.  At this point, I wondered if I would prefer to be one of his students or to have my children be one of his patients.  Neither was to be.


                                                         Magic and Medicine


He has been fascinated by magic since a young age and has long been incorporating his illusions into his teaching as a way to help engage students and encourage participation. After winning several teaching awards and traveling the country to deliver seminars, Rosenkranz decided to bring his act to the stage.




Every illusion has been researched, evaluated, and workshopped with the nation’s most elite and respected magicians including Eugene Burger (Chief Architect of Magic for the production) whose credits include The Art of Magic on PBS and Mysteries of Magic on The Learning Channel; Jeff McBridge (Chief Magic Consultant) whose credits include being designated as Grand Prix of Magic winner in Monte Carlo; Ross Johnson and Johnny Thompson (Magic Consultants), and Jan Rose and Jordan Wright (Magic Assistants).



“There is something beautiful and wonderful about the unknown, and I think in that sense, magic and medicine share a DNA,” said Rosenkranz. “I am committed to creating a unique experience that energizes and uplifts every audience.”



I would say that Dr. Rosenkranz succeeded in this goal.  I, for one, left the performance feeling more free and positive that I have for a while and I have been puzzling about what it was in the show that had that result but I have not figured it out.


I do know that the set, staging, lighting and music were perfect.  Learning about the impressive team behind him made clear why this was the case.  I thought that the integration of audience members was handled well and held my interest.



The Rosenkranz Mysteries stars Ricardo Rosenkranz as “The Doctor Magician”, Jan Rose as “The Hostess” and Balsamo as himself. The show is directed by Northwestern graduate Jessica Fisch (Fefu and Her Friends at the Goodman Theatre/Rivendell Latina/o Celebration), and is produced by Opus Magica Music, LLC and Ricardo Rosenkranz. The artistic team includes  script by Eugene Burger, Jessica Fisch and Ricardo Rosenkranz, Set Design by Chip Von Weise, Sets by Ravenswood Studio, Lighting Design by Jennifer Kules, Prop Design and Construction by John Gaughan, and Musical Direction by Craig Terry (Lyric Opera of Chicago).


You have the opportunity to experience illusions that have not been seen in half a century or more and magical numbers that have been especially created by Ricardo Rosenkranz for these performances. Enjoy magic that has been specially selected for its beauty and strength! The run is relatively short so I suggest you enhance your Holiday Season with a visit to Dr. Rosenkranz.



Dr. Rosenkranz

The Rosenkranz Mysteries is intended for ages 12 and older. Tables in the cabaret space seat 4 guests ($75 per person). Regular tickets are $50 (with a seniors and students discount available). Performances will be held Thursdays and Fridays at 8:00 p.m., Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. To purchase tickets or for additional information, visit  the Ticketmaster website or call the box office at 312.988.9000.


All photos are courtesy of Richard Faverty, Beckett Studios 







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