SPACE Evanston Review - Get Intimate With Your Favorite Performers

The small entrance to your wildest dreams...and the music venue to SPACE of course


If you’re looking for a truly intimate experience with an artist or performer, SPACE, a performance venue in Evanston, IL, is just the place to go.


Small candlelit tables add to this venue's laid back attitude and intimate setting



SPACE is a venue well worth the city-dwellers travels to Evanston. It is located inside Union Pizza Company on Chicago Avenue just one block off the Purple Line that offers street parking as well as valet service. This intimate music venue of just 2,000 square feet and 250 person capacity is furnished with hardwood floors, vaulted ceiling, and exposed brick walls with sensual fabrics draping them tailoring to its trendy aesthetics. This venue has a downtown vibe in a college town, Evanston, which hosts nightly concerts featuring rock bands, blues, jazz, singer/songwriters, classical music, kid shows, and even comedy. SPACE is an acronym for "Society for the Preservation of Art & Culture in Evanston," and that is exactly what this establishment has designed itself to do.



In this venue, there truly is no such thing as a bad seat



There's a reason why SPACE is the artist's favorite venue. Time and again they say how special it is, with a sound studio for practice and recording, a lovely green room for before the show, amazing acoustics, and a caring staff. As spectators we derive a benefit from these same things, because the artists are always at the top of their game as a result. The supporting player that cannot be overlooked is the venue itself. It is a warm, acoustically perfect, thoroughly comprehensive, place to enjoy great entertainers connecting with the crowd. The bartenders and waiters are attentive to the audience and equally respectful of the performers. Free to tinker with and explore their sound, performers create a special connection with the audience where mistakes are invited and conversation between the performers and their audience is expected.



Get up close and personal to your favorite performers like Matthew Mayfield



One of the many amazing performers to come through SPACE is Matthew Mayfield who performed there this year on April 2nd. Although it was a Wednesday night, he still pulled in a full and ecstatic crowd. A large majority of the audience members were between the ages of 20 and 30 but there were many audience members well above 30. Matthew Mayfield put on a phenomenal performance despite being under the weather and on his seventh day straight of traveling and performing. He carried on a lighthearted conversation with many of the audience members about some of his colorful experiences while traveling on the road and sharing the inspirations behind many of his songs. He engaged the crowd in a sing along to one of his songs and accepted many of the song requests thrown at him, including a request for “By Your Side” that one couple would be using as their wedding song later this summer. After playing over ten songs Matthew Mayfield adhered to the audience’s plea for an encore and performed three more songs. One audience member even thanked him with a refill of his drink of choice—whiskey, neat—before beginning the encore and bringing the performance to a final, beautiful close. 



Do not skip out on these amazing performers, food, drinks, and once in a lifetime opportunities


SPACE is truly an out-of-this-world experience that avid music enthusiasts should not miss. To check out their upcoming performances visit the official website for SPACE. You can purchase tickets online or at the door but while SPACE continues to gain its reputation and draw in more people and even more talent, tickets do go fast. So, keep an eye out for some of your favorite performers and check out some new ones. You won’t be disappointed!

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