Porchlight Music Theatre’s “SideShow” Review – Story of the Hilton Sisters

Cast of SideShow


We may have heard of the Hilton Sisters before but it takes only the opening scene of “SideShow” to rivet our attention on how we never fully considered the pain of these Siamese twins.


L to R - Colleen Fee and Britt-Marie Sivertsen


Singing sweetly they remind that they are human and want the same things any other girls their age would want—love and companionship, especially from the opposite sex.  That doesn’t come easily if at all to these twins, conjoined since birth.


Side Show Montage - With Graphics from Porchlight Music Theatre on Vimeo.


With catchy tunes (Music by Henry Krieger) and a simple story (Book and lyrics by Bill Russell), “SideShow” captured many Tony nominations before returning to Chicago for a second production by Porchlight


Cast of SideShow


Porchlight does Chicago proud by bringing out the best in this script with a talented cast directed by Michael Weber with Music Direction by Aaron Benham and Choreography by Andrew Walters.  


L to R - Colleen Fee and Britt-Marie Sivertsen


Colleen Fee as Daisy Hilton and Britt-Marie Sivertsen as Violet Hilton do charm.  


L to R - Evan Tyrone Martin and Veronica Garza


Evan Tyrone Martin, cast as the sisters’ good friend and protector Jake, delivers an especially strong vocal performance that makes him a stand out, even in this strong cast of dozens. 


L to R - Colleen Fee, Britt-Marie Sivertsen and Evan Tyrone Martin


The story hews very closely to the biography of the Hilton Sisters—from circus sideshow to Vaudeville to movies-- and what the script skips you can learn about in posters that Porchlight has used to decorate the foyer entrance to the performance space.  


L to R - Matthew Keffer, Colleen Fee, Britt-Marie Sivertsen and Devin DeSantis


How the sisters become party to their own exploitation is the emotional arc of the story, although somewhat muted in the telling. 


Front Row (L to R) John Marshall, Jr, Colleen Fee, Britt-Marie Sivertsen and Colin Funk Back Row (L to R) Jeremy Sokin and Dan Gold


Now through October 25.


Performed at Stage 773, 1225 West Belmont.


For tickets or more information call the Stage 773 Box Office at 773.327.5252 or visit the Porchlight Theatre’s website for season subscriptions.  




Photos:  Anthony Robert La Penna








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