“Plastic Revolution” Review- Campy Musical Comedy


Comedies don’t get any campier than this. 



Replete with a drag queen, almost non-stop song and dance numbers and lines mocking the conservatism and especially the gender roles of suburban 60’s America, “Plastic Revolution” gives you a smile that doesn’t quit.  (Director:  Evan Linder and musical direction by Charlotte Rivard-Hoster.)



It’s the story of how Tupperware came to be marketed by women hosting parties where the wares were mixed with bonding by housewives bored to tears. 



The time Tupperware saved housewives from cooking chores to do their thing for two hours a week is the revolution at the plot’s center. 



It’s relatively plot-lite (book by Will Cavedo), but how on earth could you care when so much creative energy and fun is oozing from the stage? 



Cross-dresser Danny Taylor playing Lilah Johnstonton has not only great stage presence but also the best bon mots lines.  When Lilah is thanked from bringing tuna casserole to a widow neighbor Lilah says “Yes, isn’t it appropriate?”, a line that Lilah gets to say again in an equally inappropriate way later in the script.  Whenever Taylor opens his mouth or sits on a sofa knitting with petulance or standing sentry by the bay window or whatever-- you just want to giggle.



It’s not just Taylor--the entire cast shines and burst with energy


Joshua R. Bartlett (as Henry/Tupperware Executive); Daeshawna Cook (Kitty Toots), Elise Mayfield (Gertie Minor), Sasha Smith (Delores Clarke), Lizzie Schwarzrock (Gladys Carroll), and Cassie Thompson (Brownie Wise) whose caricature role was given a big lift by the platinum blonde wig that she wore on opening night but that you can’t see in these photos.



There are some very good songs here—lyrics by Andrew Hobgood and music by Julie Nichols.  Memorably in the beginning of the play Lilah leads the song that defines the housewives’ mission “..at this stage of America…at this stage of democracy..”


If you want a night of comic escape this is your top pick.


Now through February 22


The Den Theatre

1333 N. Milwaukee Avenue

(Wicker Park) Chicago


**Come ahead of time so you can enjoy libations in the Den Theater’s comfy bar and restaurant.


For ticket visit The New Colony website (www.thenewcolony.org ).




Photos:  Ryan Bourque





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