Oil Lamp Theater’s NEVER THE BRIDESMAID Review - The Perfect Marriage of Comedy and Drama

Jeff award-winning playwright Bill Jepson presented us with a doozy of a problem to solve when he wrote his play Never The Bridesmaid now playing at Glenview's Oil Lamp Theater.

We all needed to pay close attention to the entanglements presented to us when we watched the hilarious complicated play unfold. Ah, modern romance!

Start with the pair of adult twins living at home with their wonderfully happy parents who are about to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Marriage hasn't worked for either of the twins. So now both are so risk-averse they don't see people who love them standing before them. What expressive, deep longing! The audience sure could see it!

There's a lot to sort out. Lots of choices, gambles, and opportunities for love. Did I mention the surprises? Well, be sure there's plenty of them, too…And one I absolutely did not see coming though it was plausible.

You are sure to become involved-indignant-happy-sad as you become completely wrapped up in their stories. It's that kind of play. You'll think about it later and take it with you as you consider all of the complications and the joys of love and compare their lives to yours. Good theater does that and this is good theater.


I conducted an “Intermission Interview” with two other members of the audience just to get a wider sense of the play’s impact.  Two young women, Tetyana and Alisa, were willing to share their reactions with me.  Between the three of us we represented three different generations, but the “young, impatient” women called it:  Tetyana’s reaction was “wait and see: the play’s not over yet!” Alisa agreed.  Were they ever right!  The second act made my jaw drop!    


About the Author

Bill Jepsen is a Chicago-based playwright.  His play, Cadillac was nominated for five Joseph Jefferson Awards in 2008, including Best Original Work.  Mr. Jepsen lives in Chicago with his wife Jennifer and their two children.


Performances of “Never the Bridesmaid” run at the Oil Lamp Theater through July 26th, Thursdays through Sundays. Doors open for evening performances at 7:30 pm, and shows begin at 8:00 pm. For Saturday and Sunday matinees, doors open at 2:30 pm and the show begins at 3:00 pm. Oil Lamp Theater is a BYOB establishment. Tickets are $35 and are available at  oillamptheater website or at the Oil Lamp box office on Tuesdays through Fridays from Noon-5pm. Group rates are available.




The Oil Lamp Theater opened its doors in Glenview in July, 2012. In Oil Lamp’s unique environment, the theater space is just as much a part of the artistic canvas as the carefully selected theatrical productions. The Oil Lamp experience begins with a warm greeting that welcomes guests into a home-like environment. It includes candlelight and complimentary fresh-baked cookies.  The performances take audiences on an intimate journey to explore the human condition through the lens of relationships and love.


Oil Lamp Theater is located at 1723 Glenview Road, just west of the intersection of Waukegan and Glenview Roads.

For more information visit  oillamptheater website or email at [email protected] or call our box office at (847) 834-0738.




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