Miss Saigon Review- Performance of the Year

You do not want to miss out on the spectacular performance of the year. The Paramount Theatre is proud to present the spectacular performance of Miss Saigon. Directed by the talented Jim Corti, you can now see this amazing musical running now until November 24th.

It is the year 1975 and we are taken to Saigon. Instantly, the performance starts off with a bang as loud noises and flashy lights fill the Paramount. The bargirls hit the stage and American soldiers take their place on the dance floor.  However, as the performance continues, we learn of the heart-wrenching story that is about to take place for two people who fall in love.  

We are introduced to a handsome American solider by the name of Chris (Brandon Moorhead) and we quickly learn how compassionate and brave this young man truly is. He is fighting for his country and unaware of the events to follow. Chris is introduced to a young Vietnamese bargirl by the name of Kim (Shawna Haeji Shi) and at first glance, Chris cannot help but fall in love with her beauty. He promises Kim that he will take her back to America. However, after a quick wedding, Chris is forced to leave Kim behind and heartbroken.

Chris and Kim

Kim is devastated at the loss of her solider. She is desperate to find Chris in order to introduce him to his son. Kim wants her son to live in America and she is determined to find a way there. She later finds out that Chris is back but unfortunate circumstances leave Kim with a very difficult choice

Josesph Anthony Foronda plays the deceiving yet comical Engineer. His outstanding and cooky performance kept the entire crowd clapping and hysterically laughing.. He continues to exploit women as he continues on his quest to America and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. While in Bangcock, the Engineer crosses paths with Kim and is willing to help her and her son cross over to America.   

Emilie Lynn plays the role of Chris’s wife Ellen and is unaware of anything that occurred while Chris was away. Chris met Ellen after his romance with Kim and haunting dreams leave Ellen wondering what happened to him while he was in Saigon.

Zachary Uzarraga will steal your heart the second he steps on the stage. This tiny actor takes on the role of Tam, who is the son of Kim and Chris. His adorable and outgoing personality creates an amazing connection with his mother Kim.

Chris’s commander John (Elliot Greer) introduces Kim to Chris thinking it would be nothing more than a “hook up.” What he did not see occurring was Chris falling madly in love with Kim creating a difficult situation. John returns to Bangcock with Chris and his wife Ellen in order to find Kim and her son Tam.

For more information on how you can purchase tickets for Miss Saigon, please visit the Paramount Theatre. If you would like more information regarding upcoming shows at the Paramount, you can call the box office at 630-896-6666.


Photos: Paramount Theatre

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