“Mary Wilson Holiday Spectacular with the Four Tops” Review – Nostalgic Moment for Many


If you can remember the days when you would sneak your transistor radio under your pillow so you could listen to the top 40 through the night this very well might be your show. 



Harris Theater was seemingly overflowing with many a boomer who came up in the world to the beat of Motown in its most golden hay days.  Motown history itself commands a presence.  After all, Mary Wilson is the only remaining Supreme on tour singing songs like “Stop in the Name of Love” or “Where Did Our Love Go?” that made The Supremes one of the, if not THE, most popular “girl groups” in Motown History.



Add to that, the presence of the longest running singing group in performing history—The Four Tops, including one of the originals, Abdul “Duke” Fakir, who refers to Mary Wilson as his “Sweet Pea” after singing a duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. 



Sometimes jumping out of their seats to dance, and when called upon chiming in to help sing songs like “Reach Out, I’ll be There” or “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch), this was an enthusiastic audience who seemed to have decided this would be a life-memorable concert before the songs even began. 



In the sea of boomers who died and went to heaven there were quite a few islands of 20- and 30-somethings who seemed to be quite in the groove as well.



From gold sequins to blue to red and then in a leg-revealing black gown, Mary Wilson cut a glamorous figure at the age of 69 ½.    The Four Tops sometimes in black sequins or in white jackets gave the same smooth moves with which they always accented their singing.   



As Mary Wilson sang an ever changing and moving collage of early photos of the Supremes provided the backdrop giving all a powerful wallop of nostalgia.



Not unlike the public television specials that salute performers and song styles of earlier times, this enchants all who love to be reminded of the music of their youth.  Those shows air from Pittsburgh.  But this is not just a broadcast.  It’s live, it’s Chicago, it’s the Harris Theater and it runs until January 5.


For tickets visit the Harris Theater website or call 312 334 7777.


For more information visit the website about the Holiday Spectacular event


Photos: Courtesy of Mary Wilson/ Harris Theater

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