Lost Bayou Ramblers Review – Cajan Vacation Without Leaving Town


Chicago’s City Winery hosted Lost Bayou Ramblers for the third time—and it will likely not be the last chance to catch them in town.



The spacious yet cozy City Winery is a perfect venue for the group.  There was space for the spirited dancers, while others happily sipped City Winery fresh tap wine and other libations to the beat.  Better yet, City Winery serves up a special Cajun menu when the Lost Bayou Ramblers are in town. 


Lost Bayou Ramblers was born deep in South Louisiana performing old style, predominantly acoustic Cajun music at clubs and festivals across the US, Europe, and Canada. After years of playing traditional style, the Lost Bayou Ramblers found themselves needing to grow. To create a new sound that combined not just the sounds of their heritage, but all the musical influences they grew up loving.


Part of those influences was on display when the Cajun Triangle was added to the repertoire by the lead singer.  



This is a Cajun sound that also has a driving rock-like beat that makes even the most timid want to dance. 



The group announced that City Winery has made a wine label in their honor.  That bodes well for a return for those who would like a Cajun vacation on a CTA budget.  (There was plenty of free parking also on the streets on Sunday night.)



Keep track of the City Winery website for upcoming events—a full schedule of music appealing to all ages and music preferences.  To book tickets you can also call 312 733 WINE.


City Winery

1200 West Randolph



Also now serving lunch.


Lunch Monday – Friday 11 AM – 2 PM

Dinner Daily 5 PM to Midnight

Brunch – Weekends 11 AM to 2 PM





Photos:  Courtesy of Lost Bayou Ramblers 

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