Happy Together Tour Review - A True Blast From the Past

Tonight was by far a true blast from the past. The Happy Together Tour took place on August 23rd at the gorgeous Paramount Theatre located in Aurora,IL. Many memories returned to the adoring fans as they waited for their favorite artists to perform. You could definitely feel the 60’s era return in the theatre as each musician sang their favorite tunes.


The Happy Together Tour began five years ago and now brings the popular 60’s and 70’s hits to over 60 cities throughout the country. The line-up of performers are certainly ones that you would know, whether you grew up during that era or simply love to listen to great music.

Gary Lewis

Psychedelic colors filled the screen as each performer took the stage to perform their top hits. Gary Lewis kicked off the night with his song “I’m Sure Gonna Miss Her.” Gary Lewis and The Playboys were discovered in 1964 and became an instant success. Gary is also the son of the famous comedian and actor Jerry Lewis. He also performed “This Diamond Ring” and “Everybody Loves A Clown, which he dedicated to his father. Before exiting the stage, he dedicated his popular song “She’s Just My Style”, to his wife Donna.


The next artist to come to the stage to perform was the Paul Revere & the Raiders singer Mark Lindsay. Mark came out wearing an outrageous red robe aligned with shiny jewels. He performed songs that were real crowd pleasers, such as, “Arizona”, and “Indian Reservation.”


The 60’s tribute continued on with Gary Puckett singing “Now or Never” which had people singing along and waving their hands in the air. During the show, Gary asked for the house lights to be turned on and asked all the Veterans in the room to stand up. Gary has a website in order to help Veterans and their families. Gary had everyone singing along with his final song of the night, “Young Girl.”

Gary Puckett


One of the founders of Three Dog Night and lead singer Chuck Negron started the second half of the evening with a bang! Chuck came out on stage wearing an all black outfit and some hip shades. He cracked jokes with the audience and even scolded a couple playfully like a school teacher.  Chuck performed his phenomenal hits “Celebrity Ball’ and “Mama Told Me Not to Come.”

Chuck Negron


As his final song, Check belted “Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog” and the crowd instantly jumped to their feet. Fans danced in their rows and everyone joined in and sang “Joy To The World” as The Three Dog Night star ended his set.


To complete the evening, the comical act of Mark “Flo” Volman and Howard “Eddie” Kaylan came out in an unorthodox way, which is a moment I will definitely never forget. These popular artists from the hit band The Turtles, hit the stage wearing gaudy, bedazzled jackets and dancing to the current and popular song “Gangman Style” by Psy. These two playful artists proclaimed the 60’s was the best era for music and the audience cheered.

Flo and Eddie


They brought back so many memories with such popular songs as “Girls Like To Run Around” and “No, No, No”, which Eddie mumbled “Should be easy for the wives in the audience.” To end the evening, they sang “Happy Together” and had everyone rise off their seats. To conclude the evening, the rest of the artists individually joined them on stage one last time to take a bow.


There was no need for flashy dancers and fireworks to be on stage. The lyrics and soulful voices truly made you wish you could travel back in time and relive this unforgettable time.


To attend more outstanding shows at the Paramount Theatre, please visit http://paramountaurora.com. For tickets for upcoming shows, call the box office at 630-896-6666.

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