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BRIGADOON- Fun For Every Lad and Lass!

By Ellen Hager

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There’s no better way to kick off the season than to be transported to a magical, mystical village as the Chicago Light Opera Works presents Brigadoon!

Light Opera Works is a resident professional not-for-profit music theater in Evanston, founded in 1980. The company’s mission is to produce and present musical theater from a variety of world traditions. Such works include American, British Viennese and French operetta, classic American musical theater, as well as contemporary fare.”

Director and Choreographer, Opera Works artistic director, Rudy Hogenmiller (Hello Dolly), brings Alan J. Lerner (My Fair Lady) and Frederick Loewe’s mythical town to life!

            “In Brigadoon, as a heavenly mist caresses the highlands of Scotland. Two young Americans embark on an adventure they’ll ever forget…”

Watch as by a twist of fate Brigadoon brings together young lovers American Tommy (Robert Hunt, Les Miserables, South Pacific) and beautiful Scottish lass Fiona (Jennie Sophia) But could the act of one bitter man destroy Brigadoon’s perfect Eutopia and Tommy and Fiona’s love?

Also featured are stunning performances by: Maggie Portman (Meg Brockie), Brandon Moorhead (Charlie), Bobby Johnson (Harry Beaton), Clay Sanderson (Jeff Douglas) and Emily A. Rogers (Jean McLaren).

You’ll be swept away by songs like “Heather on the Hill,” “Almost Like Being in Love,” and charmed by tunes like “Waiting on My Dearie” and “My Mother’s Wedding Day,” all backed by a twenty-four piece orchestra and accompanied by brilliant choreography.

            Brigadoon is fun for the whole family and a performance you won’t want to miss!

Look out for these performances later this year by Light Opera Works:

Published on Jun 08, 2011

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