Big Fish Review - Making a Huge Splash

The magical performance of the new Broadway musical Big Fish makes a huge splash at the Theatre at the Center located in Munster, IN. and will run through June 7th.

In Love

As we begin our journey on this heartfelt story we are quickly introduced to the Bloom family. We meet William Bloom (Nathan Garnder) and his storytelling father Edward Bloom (Stef Tovar). William is very nervous about his father ruining a very special day for him and continuously confides in his mother Sandra Bloom (Colette Todd)about his internal struggles with his father.

Edward is traveling salesmen with a huge imagination and a knack for storytelling. We are taken on a journey through one phenomenal story after another. Whether we learn about the Alabama Stomp or here the beautiful tale on how he met the love of his Sandra, you will be filled with laughter and love.

Young William

William is a kind hearted soul with a low tolerance for his father outrageous tales. As he prepares to marry the beautiful Josephine Bloom (Callie Johnson), William reflects back to his childhood in order to determine if there was any truth behind all of his father’s outrageous stories as the unexpected happens to his father.


Sandra Bloom acts as the voice of reason between Edward and William. Her beautiful voice and kind heart teaches us why Edward fell in love and stopped at nothing to win her heart.

Chasing Love

 In honor of Bernie Yvon, cast as the lead in BIG FISH before his tragic passing, the cast and crew of Theatre at the Center's Big Fish will be dedicating an extra performance on Wednesday, June 3rd at 7:30 p.m. All proceeds from the June 3rd performance will be donated to The Bernie Yvon memorial fund.

We are introduced to giants, witches and mermaids that will have you roaring with laughter. You cannot pass up the opportunity to seethis magical show.  Tickets for Big Fish range in price from $40 to $44. You can purchase tickets by calling (219) 836-3255 or you can also visit TATC Theatreatthecenter website

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