A Christmas Carol Review - Make Your Season Even Brighter

Get ready to make your season even brighter with a spectacular performance of A Christmas Carol. This amazing rendition of A Christmas Carol: The Musical takes place at the Theatre at the Center located in Munster, IN. and will run through December 22nd. Director William Pullinsi, does a beautiful job of bringing a time-less classic to the Theatre at the Center stage.

A Christmas Carol is based on the well-known Charles Dickens novel and sets us in London in the 1800’s. As carolers stepped on the stage to begin the performance, they were dressed for the part with the men in fine tailored suites and top hats and the women in long beautiful gowns.

We are quickly introduced to a miserable and grumpy old man by the name of Ebenezer Scrooge played by the incredibly talented Larry Adams. Scrooge is a wealthy man who despises the holiday season and refuses to help anyone financially, including his family and the blind. He has no problem showing people his hate for the holidays and will “Bah Humbug” everyone in the Christmas spirit.  His cruelty towards his employee BoB Crachit (Matthias Austin) leaves you heart-broken as we meet his ill son Tiny Tim (Killian Hughes). However, Scrooge is confronted by three ghosts who will end up changing his life for the better.


Marley (Ronald Keaton), was Scrooges business partner who has been dead for several years. Marley comes out of the fire place wearing great big chains as his spirit visits Scrooge on Christmas Eve. Marley informs Scrooge that three ghosts will be visiting him throughout the night. His fate will ultimately be determined by these visitors and may leave Scrooge in chains of his own.


Megan Long plays the Ghost of Christmas Past and is the first ghost to appear in Scrooge’s room wearing a long beautiful white gown. She takes him back to his childhood in order to get a glimpse of what times used to be like.  His father was taken from him as a young boy and he was taught to save every penny he could as he grew up. We also learn that Scrooge’s sister was taken away from him and left him heart-broken and bitter.

The Ghost of Christmas Past also shows Scrooge a time where he was happy during the holidays and was once in love with a woman by the name of Emily (Kristin O’Connell). However, despite the joy and the kindness people displayed to him, Scrooge and his business partner displayed greediness and cruelty to people who once help them.

Young Scrooge with Emily

Scrooge is returned to his bedroom and is then visit by the Ghost of Christmas Present (Jonathan Butler-Duplesssis).  He then takes Scrooge to Crachit house where he sees for the first time that Tiny Tim is sick and will die without the proper care. Scrooge is able to see the Crachit family happy and high-spirited although they have very little during the holidays. He is also brought to his nephew’s home and can hear that people still miss him despite his grumpy attitude.

The final visitor is The Ghost of Christmas Future (Jen Donohoo). She brings him to the head stone of the young Tiny Tim and he is able to see the Crachit family morning his death. Scrooge is also brought to his own headstone and is shown people celebrating his death. He see’s people taking his clothing from his house and selling it for whatever they can get. Scrooge is saddened by what he has seen and vows to change his miserable ways.


Scrooge wakes up on the morning of Christmas a changed man. He has young caroler purchase the largest Turkey in town and even gives him a tip for his help. Scrooge visits the Crachit family and tells Bob Crachit he will help his family with whatever he may need. Scrooge is delighted to visit his family celebrate with everyone. Scrooge hoist the young Tiny Tim in the air and says “God bless us everyone.”

You cannot pass up the opportunity to seethis outstanding show. A Christmas Carol will truly get you in the holiday spirit and is a show for everyone to see. Tickets for A Christmas Carol range in price from $38 to $42. You can purchase tickets by calling (219) 836-3255 or you can also visit.  Theatre at the Center website

Theatre at the Center

1040 Ridge Rd, Munster, IN 46321
(219) 836-3255

Photos provided by: Theatre at the Center

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