WuLi Records Presents: MADE IN CHICAGO

The Waking

Their CD titled Blue Screen is a hook-savvy songcraft, as this muscular anthem-fest agrees at virtually every turn. Songs here are as infectious as ever, and they're never mere confections. Often infused with alternating doses of bracing cynicism and reflective lines (check out the lyrics to Track 6, " Diseased and Denied" – "… a new 5 million suffer… a nation in denial… as the wilted bodies wither and the rape infests another economy…"), there is no question that there is a message here. All lyrics are compliments of Mike Wooly (Vocals- except for Pink Slip, which was a collaboration between Wooly and John Kronenberger – Drums). The songwriting here is as it has been through the entirety of the album-- way above par. The metallic ethos " My Last Call" and the hard-edged " Underdogs" delivers a sonically burnished triumph here by largely going back to the basics of what ROCK is supposed to do: rock you.

Lee DeWyze





His new CD So I'm Told has a cohesive feel that connects the listener to him. The hurt comes through on " Dreaming Alone" both vocally and via expressive guitar work. His John Mayer-esque style dispenses tracks with angst in favor of imagination and emotional pull. What makes DeWyze unique however, is his exciting guitar chops, a more mature songwriting style, and a richer, deeper sound. The 11-track record, with guitar and vocals mostly by DeWyze, is an extremely strong, established collection of songs that showcases this boy can play and sing! Overall, it's a study in intimacy and focus and there seems to be a certain magic in his musical pureness. You walk away feeling that DeWyze got it right with the chilling melodic vocal lines, the brilliant guitar work coupled with everything else. Solid tracks such as "Cast Away" and " So I'm Told" are concrete testaments to his talents.





The Redd

This Chicago native isn't a cookie-cutter rapper strictly appealing to the tried-and-tested East Coast demographic. He's consistent and definitely no where near the boundaries of commercial rap or hip-hop. The Redd is miles ahead of other rap acts and proves so by the innovative element of attention-hungry guitars heard through-out and on favorites like " Beef" and " Love A Thug." He easily diversifies his style and proves so by his transition between soulful laced vibes to bump in yo' trunk cuts as well as more serious songs dealing with real life issues. Among the favorites to the 17-track album is the self-indulgent banger for the clubs " Stamina" and the appropriately titled track, " Booty Clap." The dialogue, the rhythmic guitar and background vocals in " Destiny" –demonstrates the rawness and reality behind his tracks. The original production leads you to feel this emotion as well as with Redd's unique flow. The Redd's new CD Only Out for Destiny will leave you loving the rhymes, chorus and production and wanting more.

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Courtesy of WuLi Records

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