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North Coast Music Fest PREVIEW: 5 Things You Can't Miss

By Keith Gerbosi

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In 5 short years, the North Coast Music Fest has become one of the best events during Chicago’s busy festival season.  Known for its diverse range of music and broad array of talent (from emerging to a-list acts), the NCMF continues this tradition in Union Park from September 4th thru 6th.


North Coast Music Fest after dark


Here are five things you absolutely need to check out:


A dance party without sound?  What the?  Yep, the North Coast Music Fest will have a Silent Disco tent where not one, but two DJs will be performing sets with absolutely no noise complaints.  Everyone in the tent will be wearing headphones that will be able to switch between the two DJs sets.  So even if you don’t like what the music your date is listening to, you will still be able to dance together.  Check out the Silent Disco line up here


DJs, DJs and more DJs



Chicago always supports its own, so here are the notable Chicago-based acts playing this year:

The infamous Porn and Chicken crew will be playing Sunday.  If you have never seen a Porn and Chicken show, you are missing out on a crazy party.  It’s been said that the level of debauchery one will experience often falls somewhere between an orgy and house party.  Where will Sunday’s show rank?  You’ll have to show up to find out.

Stefan Ponce, is a hit generator for the likes of Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa and was recently nominated for two Grammys after working as a producer on Childish Gambino's “Because The Internet”. He will be performing his genre-blending compositions on Sunday.

Also check out the "Heineken House" which will be featuring Chicago house DJs including DJ Heather, Moon Boots, Roy Davis JR,  Ronn Carroll, Terry Hunter, and more.  (21 and over) 


Chicago loves its own



How to describe the fashion at NCMF?  Lots of neon.  Polka-dot pajamas. Maybe some fur. Many, many raver-girl tutus.  Anything goes, as long as you can dance your ass off in it.  The styles at NCMF are an attraction onto themselves.  So work it.


Neon, fur, tu-tus? Anything goes at NCMF.



It’s been 14 years since D’Angelo released and album and it was almost as if he was aging his album like fine wine.  The release of “Black Messiah” with about 15 days left in 2014 pushed every other album down a slot on the year's best lists.

The album is a perfect mix of funk, R&B and soul.  Make sure you see D’Angleo and the Vanguard perform on Saturday night because it might be another 14 years until they perform again.

You can listen to the album here



The fun does not end when the show at Union Park ends because “after the show it’s the afterparties”.  There are at least four shows each night at 8 different venues all over the city.  Check out the list here to find out where you should head to and snag tickets before the venues fill up.


Don't miss the fun


It's the last bash of the summer so live it up and enjoy the North Coast Music Fest!


Official Website

2015 schedule and set times


Photo Credits: North Coast Music Fest



Published on Aug 17, 2015

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