Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control Review - 9th Annual Celebrity Chefs Benefit

Saving the life of an animal can truly be a life changing experience for you and the animal you are bringing home.  Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control (FCACC) hosted their 9th Annual Celebrity Chefs Benefit for Chicago’s neediest animals on September 26th. This heart-warming event took place at the Chicago Cultural Center, located off of Washington Ave. The event is held every year in order to bring more awareness to the animals that are rescued all over the Chicagoland area and who are in desperate need of a good home.

Please Adopt An Animal In Need


Celebrity chefs lined the room on each side, showcasing delicious dishes to everyone who walked by. Some of the chefs featured at the event consisted of Jill Barron of MANA Food Bar, Ryan Pitts of RL, and Toni Motamen of Raw Bar & Grill. Also, several amazing items were donated to this wonderful cause in order to help raise funds for medical care and food for these adorable animals. Silent auction items consisted of a jersey, signed by Chicago Blackhawks star, Patrick Sharp, gorgeous jewelry, and beautiful animal pictures created by local artists.

A huge sponsor for the event is Don Levin(owner of the Chicago Wolves)and other members of the Chicago Wolves team. Don Levin is an incredibly generous man and was kind enough to donate $1 million dollars to FCACC. The Chicago Wolves also donated a 30-foot surgical and adoption van to the city ten years ago. It was brought to the event by the Animal Care and Control.I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful dog by the name of Phoenix, who will absolutely bring a smile to your face. Her rambunctious personality and ability to do tricks amazed me to no end. She is definitely a dog who would run up to you the second you walk into a room and greet you with love and admiration.


Chicago Celebrity chef Jackie Shen, was among the many chefs showcased throughout the evening. Jackie has been a huge supporter of the FCACC since 2005. Although, she resides in Michigan, she continues to assist with recruiting top chefs throughout Chicago for the event each year. Jackie was also very generous to auction off her time and talent to the highest bidders. She will be providing a personally cooked meal for 10 at the winner’s home and all proceeds will go to the FCACC. Her restaurant is located in New Buffalo, Michigan and is coincidently named The Stray Dog Bar and Grill.

Violinist Katarina Visneska

Throughout the evening, Violinist Katarina Visneska provided the beautiful sounds of contemporary classical music. Speakers also consisted of Executive Director of Chicago Animal Care and Control, honorary chairperson Sandra Alfred and emcees, Channel 7 Sportscaster, Jim Rose and wife Lakesha Rose.  Guests were able to bid on top items announced by the emcees such as, cooking classes for six at the Cordon Bleu Cooking School, a two-night stay at the magnificent Palmer House Hilton and tickets to see the hit show Wicked.

Celebrtieis pictured:(left to right), Jim Rose, Jackie Shen, and Lakesha Rose


Hundreds of people came out to the Chicago Cultural Center in order to donate to this worthy cause. The FCACC continues to save the lives of thousands of animals in need each year. For more information on how you can help donate or volunteer, please visit the FCACC.

Chicago Cultural Center


Photos: Courtesy of The Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control

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