Dragon Con 2008 Review - Atlanta, GA

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Welcome to the amazing world of DragonCon 2008 - Atlanta, GA

I just experienced a music festival, comic book convention, fantasy genre showcase, gaming forum, nearly all means of entertainment and arts available in one grand event.


The Dragon Con-venation spans the course of Labor Day weekend (Aug 30 - Sep 2) and is hosted by four of Atlanta, GA finest hotels. The Hyatt (which seemed to be the heart of the operation), The Marriott, The Hilton and The Sheraton become saturated with some 40,000 + people. Making the downtown Atlanta area in to a virtual smorgasbord of events and parties.

During the day the hotels resemble amusements parks with the majority of the participants in custom raging from Star Wars and Aqua Man to the Wizard Of Oz. Batman, Darth Vader, and Jack Skeleton all casually roaming the reception areas and ballrooms of Dragon Con. With the endless schedule of multiple events happening simultaneously I found that there was so much to do that I could not do it all.


The workshops range from ‘How to make Star Wars costumes’, to ‘How to pick up an Asian girl’. Or maybe step in on a NASA astronomy video that ran some 6 hours in just one of the fifty to one hundred hotel facilities participating in Dragon Con. I personally enjoyed the ‘How to make a Chinese Vampire’ workshop. Did you know that Chinese Vampires hop? The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, very relaxed, and definitely having fun.


Aside from the seemingly endless movies and workshops Dragon Con also provides a variety of entertainment. Concerts by well know bands like Crux Shadows and Mindless Self Indulgence, comedy by Dean Haglund and really top notch art exhibit.


All of the these functions seem to go off without a hitch, as the Dragon Con experience is one of the most organized events I have had the pleasure of attending. Like a well oiled machine the staff, participants and even the vendors seemed to exceed the ordinary. Everyone, staff included, was extremely friendly and helpful. There seemed to be an endless theme of joy and excitement among everyone as great events like the parade and costume contests drew huge crowds. I would to dedicate this article to all the ‘behind the scenes’ people as they created an atmosphere where even I (focused as I am) was able to relax and enjoy myself. I could not help but feel great among the real world fantasy that is Dragon Con.


Whether you are attending the event for the day-time workshops or the tremendously festive parties (that don’t end till the early morning hours - if ever) you will have a great time. Dragon Con is absolutely my first pick of places to spend your Labor Day weekend - there is nothing quite like it.


Please take the time to listen to the audio clips and view the photo gallery associated with this article as it is within the audio/visual that you really feel the amazing sense of enthusiasm that I am sure everyone in attendance felt. The audio video portion of this article is the greater part because it is indeed a collaboration of event attendees, vendors and artist that make Dragon Con Atlanta a must do event. I cannot wait till next year!

























Audio Selections:

Additional Information:
*Note: Book this trip well in advance as some hotels are already booked for next year's DragonCon 2009
Dragon Con Website: http://www.dragoncon.com

  • Atlanta Hilton:
    255 Courtland Street, NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

  • Hyatt Regency Atlanta:
    265 Peachtree Street NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

  • Marriott Marquis Atlanta:
    265 Peachtree Center Ave
    Atlanta, GA 30303

  • Sheraton Atlanta Hotel:
    165 Courtland Street
    Atlanta, GA 30303



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