Edward A. Fernandez's, "What God Joined Together" - Valentine Day Weekend

Tyler Perry, age 45, a successful playwright, film actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter from New Orleans could only imagine at age 28 what God had planned for his future.  That was 18 years ago.  Fast-forward and Edward A. Fernandez, age 26, married and another New Orleans native who admires Mr. Perry tremendously has emerged on the scene as an actor, producer, director and playwright.  Edward, utilizing the great talent God has blessed him with left a high paying job to follow God’s orders when he was compelled to write “What God Joined Together” which is a hard-hitting, captivating, and hilarious play between a husband and wife of almost 10 years and other family members' interferences.


Director/Producer/Playwriter/Actor Edward A. Fernandez presenting "What God Joined Together", Stage Play - Courtesy of 3E Entertainment



The stage is being set for "What God Joined Together" on Fri, Feb 13 (8pm with Red Carpet Event at 7pm) and Sat, Feb 14 (3pm & 8pm) Courtesy of 3E Entertainment



Edward excitedly said, “God gave me this play three years ago and now he has positioned me to release this highly-anticipated stage play through my own company, 3E Entertainment which represents 'Engage, Enlighten, and Empower'. We are committed to being recognized as a company that stages the stories of people while remaining true to those who live them every day.”


Call Georgia Tech Ferst Theatre Box Office 404 894-9600 (9am-4pm Mon - Fri) for your Valentine Day Weekend Entertainment - Courtesy of 3E Entertainment



The Circle of Actors bringing life to "What God Joined Together" - Courtesy of 3E Entertainment


The actors he strategically picked for his play was a well thought out process. He studied their performances, no matter whether they were a singing artist, a reality star, a product of Tyler Perry’s many movies and plays, or a YouTube sensation act. He picked highly professional entertainers that are popular with the young and older audiences.


Cast Member Erica Dixon, VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reality TV Personality - Courtesy of 3E Entertainment




Cast Member, Christopher Williams, Rhythm & Blues Singer and Actor - Courtesy of Christopher Williams Website



Actors Jayh and Dathan Thigpen whose roles will be the bride and groom have been married nearly ten years. As they climb the ladder of success as a doctor and lawyer, they are met with challenges wondering if their marriage was built on a strong foundation or whether they ever became one flesh when they married.


"What God Joined Together" Cast members Dathan Thigpen and Jayh showing how marriages has it's ups and downs -Courtesy of 3E Entertainment



Edwards wants everyone who is married or single to come to this exclusive, unique play. He passionately said “When the audience leaves my play, I want them to have a different outlook of staying married, others still having weddings, others hoping for healing, amending and clarification about their relationship. Though the play may be about marriage, the single ladies and men have to see this play too. This will help them realize what it takes to be a good wife or husband.  Marriage is a sacred institution.”


Cast members participating in various exciting promotion engagements - Courtesy of 3E Entertainment


I was getting excited just hearing Edward talk about his production and how he is so overwhelmed about presenting his production and seeing it come alive. While the actors and other crew members are preparing for the stage play on Valentine Day Weekend, February 13 (8pm with Red Carpet Event at 7pm) and 14 (3pm & 8pm), they have been very busy traveling around the Atlanta area promoting the play.


Playwriter/Director/Producer/Actor Edward A. Fernandez at Stonecrest Mall, Lithonia, Georgia meeting and greeting shoppers about his play "What God Joined Together" - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth




Patricia Oalden, Alice Johnson, Director/Playwriter Edward A. Fernandez, Tomeka Tiller, Renee Sudderth meeting and greeting shoppers at Stonecrest Mall, Lithonia, Georgia about the Play "What God Joined Together" - Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


They have been on almost every radio station, greeting mall shoppers and making many Sunday church services appearances using their God-gifted voices. 


Cast Member, Shirley Murdock, Rhythm & Blues/Gospel Vocalist Singer-Songwriter/Actress special appearance at Divine Faith Church on February 1, 2015




Cast members, Erica Dixon, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reality TV Personality; Christopher Williams, Singer/Actor; Phillip Hudson, YouTube Sensation/Actor/Model/Stylist/Writer at Greater Travelers Rest Church on February 1, 2015


Edward said, “The team that I’m working with is the best team in the world! They are awesome and all have been working hard”.


Mr. Edward A. Fernandez deserves this “One Moment In Time” to present his extraordinary play this Valentine Day Weekend, February 13 (8pm with Red Carpet Event at 7pm) and 14 (3pm & 8pm) at Georgia Tech Ferst ’s Theatre, 349 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30308. Please come out and support this Play. You will not be disappointed!

Edward A. Fernandez, New Orleans native and CEO of 3E Entertainment presents "What God Joined Together" - Courtesy of 3E Entertainment


Actress/Songbird Tomeka Tiller as "Tonya" and "Mother Who Knows" advertising the great Play "What God Joined Together"- Courtesy of Renee Sudderth



Cast Members, Christopher Williams, Phillip Hudson, Erica Dixon and K.D. Bowe of Praise 102.5 - Courtesy of 3E Entertainment



What makes a great stage play? The great people involved - Courtesy of 3 E Entertainment



Click on videos  Here  of the Play introduction


and Here  of castmate, D'Atra Hicks

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