Necter Review- Circus Artistry and Electro House Music

White paper crafted palm trees line the entry of the Jungle night club located in Atlanta. The event for the evening is a circus themed party with belly dancers,themed go-go dancers, and body painting. Including several local Dj spinning bass, electronic house music. The club fills up with people for a night of jugglers, acrobatic rope swingers, hoolahoop dancers, stiltters,and fire spinners.

Upon entering, I am immediately visually assaulted with an array of black-light lighted art that adorns the walls and seating of the club featuring a displayed neon painted, gigantic, dragons head. The crowd is a mixture of people in this circus themed event ranging from the average party patron to the scantly dressed kittie kats, neon lighted dancers, laced up corseted women, all dancing to a playlist of electronic house music. Smoke fills up the dance floor as many enjoy their evening by the stage, dancing and intermingling. Two stages are set for the performers, one where performers are rope swinging; turning, and twisting thier bodies on a wooden baton suspended above the stage. The other is the main stage where the ballot is an entertaining show of fire spinning, cleverly cheographed swordplay, and, of course, go-go dancing.

 On the main stage the performance begins as a circus show of fire spinners. Next is the fire swordplay, as the lights dim down, the only thing seen is luminous glow of orange and red as a duo enter the stage to light their weapons. The duel is an intricate dance of charges,twists,and dramatic sweeping turns as the swordsmen clash their flamed swords. The performance is ended by a single female dancer, onstage swaying her hips to the trance inducing music. As the show comes to a wrap, JSin appears onstage to make a final farewell for the evening. The event tonight is called Necter, made possible by artist and club promoter JSin. JSin has been a party promoter and artist for many years, throwing events all throughout Atlanta. Tonight's event is inspired by the first party in the series of fur and fireball and circus artistry, events similar to this are going on every month at Atlantas own Jungle nightclub. Additional information about all upcoming  events by JSin are located at the end of this article.

 As the night winds down after the performance, I find myself caught up in a conversation with the artist and set designer for the evening, Donnie Connley, he puts it best when he states "it may not be your scene but you will enjoy it". The night is a smorgasbord gathering of people that come together to celebrate the freedom of self expression through a medium of rope swinging, body art, and art. Unlike most dance events of this nature, Necter, provides it's patrons with an entertaining and interesting Circus performance. More than just a few passing pleasantries, Necter draws a following where one can easily interact with many. More than worthy of the low cost entry fee and something definitely worth a night out in town.



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2115 Faulkner Road Northeast

Atlanta, GA 30324


**A Special Thanks to Justin Majors for Photography

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