Dragon Con 2012 #50 -51 Artists, Entertainers, and Events of Atlanta

2012 Dragon Con brought in a whapping 55000 guests this year, spanning four hotels in downtown Atlanta; the Sheraton, the Hilton, the Hyatt, and the Marroit. This years Sci Fi convention held some pretty big names in the entertainment industry including but not limited to Rose Mcgowan, Alice Copper, Stan Lee, and Dean Cain. Dragon Con is a haven for every  film/comic/and art fan with hundreds of shows, celebrity guest appearances, and lots of shopping. Dragon Con happens every year during labor day weekend in the city of Atlanta and is a must do for any music,film ,and art lover. Plus every Comic, fantasy, animne character imaginable is brought to life by thousands in their best costumes and make up. Fantasy, horror, action  and every other genre all under the umbrella of what is the Dragon Con. Here are a couple os highlights from the convention.



The Annual Dragon Con Parade:


It started early morning at the corner of Peachtree St as everyone gathered round to see  the annaual Dragon Con parade. Dancing, marching, and dragging down the street were hundresds of people dressed up in their best cosplay as faries, zombies, geisha women, and aliens. Many different bannered groups were in the parade including an entire politcal party of zombies  campaining for presidency. The costumes and the wonderful array of different themed groups of people made the this year Dragon Con Parade a colorful, entertaining, and interesting festival of fantasy. 



John Barrowman the Star of Touchwood and the face of captian Jack in BBC  Sci Fi hit Dr. Who; graced the convention this year with a panal of Q and As. Charming and entertaining John Barrowman and his significant other Scott Gill deighted the auidence with crazy personal stories from Johns work carreer and some stories of  their personal relationship together. They even surprised the auidence by showing off their Batman and Superman underwear!

Rose Mcgowan held a panal for her role in the TV hit "Charmed" there she answered a round of questions pertaining to her role in the character delevolpment of Paige (character in Charmed) and her personal thoughts on her character. She answered a wide range of questions including the reasons she has had her tattoo removed and some of her favorite moments on the show. She is currently in the works of directing her new film "A Good man is hard to find"



  Dragon Con is a convention that has something for everyone whether it be attending the hundreds of workshops or panals, viewing the art shows, going to the millions of parties, or even just shopping! The 3 day convention is like a little trip to another world of fantasy and art.  Thousands of people dressed up as their favorite television and film characters with hundreds of things to do at the convention, it can very easily leave one feeling like they just didnt do and see enough. No matter what your interests are, one thing is for certain for anyone that attends the yearly Dragon Con; you be entertained and exhausted by the end of it. 



*** Thanks to Justin Majors for photgraphy ***

***Also a Special  thanks for the folks on the Media Realtions Team @ Dragon Con***For more information on next years Dragon Con, please vist:www.dragoncon.org

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