The Halloween party at Boom Chicago of Amsterdam

How about Halloween in Europe?
Although Halloween isn't celebrated as lavishly as it is in the US, Halloween is making an upsurge in Italy, and is celebrated there and in the UK, Ireland, Holland and France. The Irish brought the mixture of ancient Celtic and Roman Catholic traditions to the shores of America in the mass "potato famine" migration. Soup and soul-cake begging became trick-or-treating, and the American candy conglomerates rejoiced.

In recent years, Halloween parties and costuming have traveled back to Italy as a "new" October-ending party excuse. Adults took it up first, as a kind of extra Carnival, but the kids have quickly caught on to the candy-blackmail part of Halloween, and it's spreading from the cities to the towns and to the countryside.


Like in Italy, Halloween in France is usually celebrated by costumed people of all ages going to parties at friends' homes, restaurants, bars, or clubs. The costumes themselves tend to be traditionally "scary" - mummies, ghosts, goblins, witches, and vampires - rather than the cute costumes like princesses, superheroes, and the cartoon character of the day which are popular in the US.  












Some recreation centers encourage kids to make their own costumes. Trick-or-treating is getting to be more common. It started out store-to-store, rather than house-to-house, but the latter is picking up.

Halloween in France is rather controversial, due to the perception of corporate and cultural influence, as well as the fact that it is not a typical French holiday and some people still don't understand what is being celebrated. Because Halloween is seen as an American celebration, some French people refuse to enjoy it, having decided to include it in their anti-American boycott.

That is why Boom Chicago of Amsterdam web site wrote: 'In France, Halloween is dead.  There, it is reported, the fun, spooky tradition is seen as a too-American, a fake-holiday hoisted on them by commercial interests.  Well, the French may have been right about Iraq, but they're crazy here.  Halloween is a great, adult holiday where you get to dress up and act like something else'. 










It seems that in Amsterdam the Boom Chicago Halloween party is unparalleled to any other costume event. Their award-winning parties inspire much creativity, even coaxing the local Dutch to take part in the typically American tradition. The theme for Halloween 2006 was "Four Funerals and a Wedding" and twists a morbid view on matrimony with a celebration of the deceased. Give new meaning to your vow "Until Death Do Us Part" and walk down the aisle of the dead. The dress code: in costume of course! Anything Halloween or go with the theme.

Best Couple

Best Female and Best Male

Best Costume


On the 28th of October more than 400 people came in costume to the award-winning party at Boom Chicago. EUR 300 of money went out to the best prizes.  Best costume went to paintings based on Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.  Best couple went to the freaky duo holding the moving spider and baby.  That was truly creepy.  Best male went to The Stewardess from Snakes on a Plane, and best female went to the shower girl killed by Psycho Norman Bates.
So if in France Halloween is dead, it was very much alive at Boom Chicago.


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