Terrazza Martini 2007 in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Terrazza Martini has been for years the scenery for the most famous jetset parties in all large metropolises. Martini held terrace on exclusive top locations for various film premières, cocktail parties, press events and other stylish happenings.



The world-famous vermouth brand brings this summer Martini Terrazza not only in Amsterdam, but also in and Rotterdam! Last week you could have a beautiful sample of Italian costièra-scenes at café Vertigo, in the Amsterdam Vondelpark. You could experience the rich heritage of the renowned Martini again on the steps of this café, in the most famous park of Amsterdam. Sparkling cocktails, a beautiful view and a typical “nostalgia italiana”.



In August, Terrazza Martini will move to the Pannenkoekenstraat in Rotterdam. The Pannenkoekenstraat is the place to be after a day of shopping where enjoying a snack and a drink in your new outfit and let Martini surprise you with exclusive entertainment and delicious cocktails. In Rotterdam Terrazza Martini will be opened from the 24th until the 26th of August. Martini is one of the world's leading drink brands, with 66 people around the world enjoying a Martini vermouth every second.


The award winning, vibrant and bitter sweet taste of Martini is a result of a secret blend of more than 50 botanicals sourced from the finest locations across the globe. Founded in 1862 in Pessione, Italy, MARTINI continues to be the market leader in the production of Vermouth. Martini’s core values celebrate style and embody Gioia di Vivere. Recent marketing initiatives reflect the brand’s spirit, with the Terrazza Martini, the launch of Ocean’s Thirteen, the cooperation with Scuderia Ferrari and the association with D&G.




The Terrazza Martini was originally conceived in Paris on the Champs Elysées in 1948. From that moment on, the purpose of Terrazza Martini was to welcome everyone to Mondo Martini - a world where stylish, sophisticated people collide in stunning locations and branded environments.  Terrazza Martini structures have since graced some of the world's most glamorous cities - London, Barcelona and Milan. The Terrazza Martini has been recently been modernized and turned into a modular structure, making it possible to bring Mondo Martini to any location at anytime, anywhere.  So if there is a chic event in a glamorous city, chances are you may be invited to the Terrazza Martini as it happened during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. 

For more information: www.martini.nl

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