Amsterdam Prix de Nuit 2006

Prix de Nuit is a prize for the best, most exiting and surprising new night-time initiative in Amsterdam. More than 100 locations, party organisations, artists and other groups who have devoted themselves in the past year to make Amsterdam's nightlife more exciting were nominated for the prize.

Voting took place via internet and also lives by a public vote during the finale in Paradiso on Saturday 30 September 2006. People could cast a vote for their favourite candidate during the first voting round (1 14 September) via the website The audience chose 11 finalists who competed in a live promo battle Saturday, the 30th of September, at Paradiso. The finalists were: Salon URSS, Damoclash, Flirtation, Body Lounge, Bold, Error Krew, Ontfront, Good2b, Vreemd, Amsterdam Underground and Blijburg.

Paradiso's stage


The 11 finalists got the chance to present themselves and their work at Paradiso and win over the public vote for the first prize of 1000 euros, plus a promotion-package worth more than 1500 euros. Paradiso is a magnificent old church in the centre of Amsterdam and that evening it  was full of  stands of the finalists who were trying to get as much as attention from the public.

Salon URSS' stand


Salon URSS ( brings back nostalgic memories of Cold War in a funny way: at their stand a weird SS Russian guy was dancing with another guy with a big fur hair, not too much to understand.
Damoclash ( holds festivals which offer music, poetry, dance, fashion, painting, installation, body art, audio-visual art and other expression of creativity, like debate, politics and film. By means of free entry and wide accessibility Damoclash tries to remove the division between the organisation, the public and the artist.
Flirtation ( is the famous Girls night in Amsterdam: 1200 women 'open-minded' get crazy and have fun. Stand has many gadgets, nice cards to give to the girl you want to pick up with 'do you want to flirt with me'' name, address and email to fill' .

Bljiburg's stand


Body Lounge ( people with a 'mask' on the eyes get together, and try to get a special experience, be touched from strangers' very weird.
Bold ( is the Chemistry's new concept (an organisation which promotes parties, festivals and marketing events). To collect more votes they were using charming Asian style ladies walking around the club.

Bold's stand


Error Krew ( is a group of friends that organize acid, electro techno parties around Amsterdam.
Ontfront ( they defined themselves 'the masked hiphop event that contributes to Amsterdam's true identity'. At their stand masked people tried to get other people have a painted masks ' original.  

Bold's lady





Good2b ( is the biggest and coolest on line magazine in the world. It s in Dutch, about fashion, art, parties, events and new music.

Vreemd's naked lady

Vreemd ( means 'strange' and their motto is: 'To be as strange as possible, that's the most normal thing for us to be'. A completely painted naked girl with a gas mask asks me a word and my name for inspiration' . What they do, it's not clear at all, but I think they organize parties...
Amsterdam Underground ( organise rock concerts varying from punk to indie, from metal/hardcore to singer-songwriter, on a voluntary basis.
Blijburg ( is a cultural beach club at Ijburg. On hot days you can swim there, eat and sit by the fireplace and look at the sky. At night and during the weekends, Blijburg becomes a club with lots of different bands, DJs, parties, jam sessions and mini-festivals.

Error Krew, the winner

At Paradiso the atmosphere was getting hotter and hotter in the evening. Bold was trying to get more votes offering free entry to his next party, Damoclash was offering fresh fruits and veggie to eat' At 12am we were all waiting for the winner but the announcement was delayed and everybody got very nervous. Finally at about 1.30am we knew: the winner is Error Krew. The team jumped on stage with big super smiles and voters were happy for him.


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