Travel Alberta Excavates an Albertosaurus on the Beaches of Santa Monica, CA

The last place I’d expect to see a paleontologist dig up a dinosaur would have to be in Santa  Monica, CA. Which is exactly where I witnessed the excavation of a 27' foot Albertosaurus just north of the Santa Monica Beach Pier.

Ok, so it wasn’t a real dinosaur, but it was a very realistic replica of the 75 year old Albertosaurus dinosaur, which was enough to scare the pants off anyone walking by. The Albertosaurus is one of the more well-known dinosaurs that roamed the province in prehistoric times and it was uncovered on the beach today and measures 27’ feet from nose to tail.

It was a genius publicity stunt by Travel Alberta that attracted hundreds of people to the site that looked more like a scene right out of Jurassic Park in an effort to promote their summer campaign travels in the province of Alberta, Canada.

If you didn’t know by now, Alberta, Canada is one of riches places in the world that is filled with dinosaur bones; In-fact it’s in the top 3 around the world and #1 in North America. 75 million years ago Canada was a tropical paradise to the Albertosaurus, just one of the many supreme rulers of the earth during that time.

It’s impossible in some areas of Alberta, Canada to not step on and crush dinosaur bones under foot. And there are lots of dinosaur fossils that are still yet to be discovered in Alberta, Canada. Many new specimens are discovered each year and some of the oldest dinosaur fossils discovered in Alberta, Canada are around 65-80 million years old.

Typically, when my family plans on taking a vacation, or any other family I’ve known for that matter, digging for authentic, real, dinosaur bones has never come up in our discussions of things to do. And that’s because we never knew that such a thing existed until now, thanks to Travel Alberta.

So, if you’re interested in experiencing something a little different for your next vacation, I would have to  recommend going to Alberta, Canada and visiting the Dinosaur Provincial  Park where you and your family can uncover real dinosaur fossils. Alberta, draws in tourists from around the world to experience authentic dinosaur adventures at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and The Canadian Badlands are one of the most intriguing areas in Alberta. The striking landscape of hoodoos, canyons and coulees that are found in that area are an explorer’s dream.

Sample summer vacation packages in Alberta, Canada include:

Dinotour 2012 – from $325 per night—A four day tour of the Canadian Badlands to dinosaur excavation sites and museums. This tour is guided by leading palaeontologists in the province.

A Mountain Adventure by Horseback—from $175 per night—Discover the beauty and wonder of Jasper National Park in a whole new way - by horseback! Ride your way through the Rocky Mountains of Canada for a front row seat of stunning views of glaciers, lakes and pristine forests.

Calgary Stampede Thrill Package—from $150 per night—Get your cowboy boots on and saddle up for a wild ride at the world famous Calgary Stampede. This year marks the Stampede’s Centennial Anniversary
of the “Greatest Show on Earth!”

For more information about travel to Alberta, Canada or to book a package visit

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