The Villa at the Waters Edge Review - A luxury villa that feels like home!


In the peaceful region of Belmont, North Carolina, a short drive away from the thriving Charlotte region, a surprising gem is unearthed. Unbeknownst to many driving through the region, a luxury villa lies tucked away in the midst of this quiet and abundant greenery.

My husband and I had driven in from the North East Coast region of the US. It was a long drive to say the least and by the end of our gruelling journey we were ready to rest, relax and enjoy the area. After passing through the Charlotte region, we drove into Belmont and then further still into the lush, abundant cove that houses The Villa at the Waters Edge.

The dirt road and the heavy canopy of trees that lined it, seemed to hide this surprising vacation stay. As we came upon the end of the road, The Villa at the Waters Edge made it's majestic appearance.

The first sight we saw was a brilliant deer leaping across the lawn as we pulled in ! What a welcoming display that was! While  I doubt that that the deers appear for every visitor, it certainly was an inviting greeting that thrilled us!

As we walked onto the path leading up to the villa, we were impressed by the size of the villa. It was certainly spacious and would easily host 4 guests with great ease and comfort. Tall glass windows and doors welcome the visitor into the bright, airy elegance of it's Mediterranean styled villa.



Melanie welcomed us into the villa and gave us a tour of the villa as well as all the assistance we could possibly need. From suggestions of eateries to wifi codes and anintroduction to the kitchen and theatre rooms. Yes there is even a theatre room!


The entire villa was spacious and beautifully decorated. The owners were obviously lovers of beauty and had an eye for accessories with differing styles and signatures. And yet they all wove in beautifully together. What appealed to me was the sense of comfortable luxury. Yes it was elegant, and well-designed but it also offers a sense of ease and warmth. A place where you can rest and imagine that you are nestled in a cosy home away from home.


The living area was a wonderful place to simply lay back and read. The villa is so beautiful and relaxing, it's hard to pull oneself to even leave!



The dining area provides a formal place to sit and break bread together, but the view that peers out to the lakeside is what frames and completes it perfectly.




The entire villa is a delight to the senses. From the unique artwork, to the furniture and the unique accessories that line every room.



Like Goldilocks, you're sure to find your perfect reading chair !  So be sure to bring a book or two to enjoy this simple pleasure.



Because of the fact that the villa is lined with large glass doors, it's comfortable to stay indoors while feeling "open" to the outdoors. I imagine, this would be ideal for travellers in the winter season.



As I looked out through the windows of the second bedroom, glorious banana leaves pressed against the glass. Yes you will find banana trees lining the property with their gorgeous, generous leaves.



I've always been somewhat fussy about my sleeping quarters when travelling away from home. The bed has to be just right, the room has to feel inviting and peaceful. And I'm pleased to report that the master bedroom of the villa provided restful sleep and I honestly did not feel like I was travelling. In fact, I may even have had a better sleep than I have in my own bed!




 The elegance and refined taste of the villa extended into every bedroom. The master bedroom in particular hosted a unique blue and yellow color combination that worked well together.



You'll see the eye for detail in every aspect of the The Villa at the Waters Edge. From the thick towels to their signature body shampoos and soaps.


Being on holiday, one activity I love to indulge in is a good soak. Lighting up those candles, and laying back in warm water. I found the Kohler tub in the master bathroom to be generously sized but not too large. It really was perfect. The shower was a modern, circular design that was a delight as well.

To add to the experience, the bright blue walls of the master bathroom provided a crisp backdrop for it's glamorous lights and accessories.

The aesthetics of the master bathroom truly added to the pleasure of the soak.

And so I am compelled to reiterate, if you're visiting the Charlotte, North Carolina region, The Villa at the Waters Edge is a gem of a find !





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