The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument - Well Worth The Stop

The Archway in Kearney, NE

The Archway, smack dab in the middle of Nebraska, spans Interstate 80 like a repurposed toll way rest stop. In actuality, however, the museum is all about movement with carefully crafted exhibits taking you from the Oregon Trail to a ‘60s drive-in movie theater.  Along the way one experiences the sights and sounds of gold mining camps, the Pony Express, and other travel-oriented chapters in American history.  The museum itself feels surprisingly dense and miles away from the truckers barreling down the highway.  Leaving the museum one cannot help but feel excited about being a small part of America's constant coastal movement.

Salvaged neon motel sign

Also recommended are the free outdoor exhibits immediately adjacent to the museum.  They include a bridge crossing the Platte River (where one can buy food to feed the hungry carp congregating below) and a paved path that leads all the way to Kearney’s business district.  Even more impressive is the Pawnee inspired recently built earth lodge.  That, along with an oversized maze, make the indoor and outdoor experience as a whole one of the most impressive road side attractions this traveler has ever experienced.

Exhibit detailing the Pony Express

The recreated earth lodge

Bottom line:  The Archway is highly recommended and is located at mile marker 275 on Intersate 80.  Children five and under are free with everyone else paying between $6 and $12 plus tax.  In summer the museum remains open until 6 but closes earlier in winter.  Plan on spending at least one hour at the museum and then longer for the outdoor exhibits.  Truly a great roadside attraction.  For more information about this museum click here.  For more family focused travel ideas, check out

The interstate below


Photos byhennacornoelidays

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