The Biltmore Hotel Spa Review - For a Celebrated and Lavish Spa Experience

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa, a 1926 Mediterranean Revival Hotel five miles from Coconut Grove, is lushly situated on five, well manicured, acres of landscaped gardens and greens.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa - Old World Elegance in the heart of Coral Gables

The Biltmore Hotel Spa is designed to create a feeling of tranquility. The peaceful surroundings and décor, warm earth tones, low lighting and simple silence is the perfect combination for the weary traveler, to receive a much needed relaxing touch to the luxuriant feel of the Biltmore Hotel and Spa.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa - a truly meditative experience

The Biltmore Hotel offers one of the worlds most celebrated and lavish spa experiences. I was lucky enough to receive a massage at the Biltmore Hotel my massage technician was a lovely young lady who gave me a deep tissue massage.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa

Beautifully designed with minimalist elegance, The Biltmore Hotel Spa is geared to immediately create a sensory escape transporting patrons to a Zen state for optimum tranquility. The pre and post-treatment room had very comfortable cots, privacy curtains, beautiful view, and a flowing babbling fountain invoking a peaceful feeling. There were plenty of beverages and fresh fruit available for one to enjoy. The massage rooms and the hallway leading to them were very inviting, elegant and created a feeling of relaxation on the way to the magnificent massage that I received. 

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa includes gift shop tailored to enhance your stay

The massage, itself, was so skillfully administered, that I was shocked that I was able to fall asleep at least three times during the hour. When I questioned my massage technician as to how, with a deep tissue massage, I was able to relax enough to be able to fall asleep she said that she likes to gradually give her treatment in a way that allows the muscles to relax so she can go deeper without the body reacting with tension.

Fresh fruits and cleansing teas are provided

The Biltmore Hotel Spa was an amazing experience, certainly enhanced by the fact that during the massage I heard the heavy rain pouring on the outside of the window I heard the rumbling of thunder and I was in this wonderfully appointed massage room receiving a blissful massage. The massage was one of the best I've ever experienced in my life. Carrying stress in the particular pressure point throughout the body is almost unnoticeable until the massage technician began to utilize the deep tissue technique and found those areas that would have gone unnoticed. I walked out of the room, feeling in a meditative state at peace and relaxed.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa provides relaxing, state-of-the-art, guest rooms

The Biltmore Champagne Sunday Brunch is the most amazing display of culinary magic that I’ve ever seen. Transforming The Biltmore's house restaurant Fontana into a paradise of culinary creations, The Biltmore Champagne Sunday Brunch may be considered a bit pricy at $95.00. From house-made breads to whimsical and traditional desserts the Biltmore Champagne Sunday Brunch offers something for everyone. My article Biltmore Hotel Legendary Sunday Brunch Review A Grand Champagne Brunch Fit For A King details this amazing and one of a kind epicurean indulgence. 

The Biltmore Hotel Sunday Champagne Brunch, a one of a kind epicurean indulgence

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa, renovated from the original roaring twenties grandeur, has been modernized to include all the latest advancements in technology services. The richly appointed luxury suites feature European feather bedding topped with Egyptian cotton duvet covers, Frette robes and plush Bamboo Orchid towels. All suites have a comfortable sitting area with custom-designed furniture, oversized picture windows with views of the golf course, pool or elegant Coral Gables. It is elegantly luxurious. My article The Biltmore Hotel & Spa Review – Old World Glamour; Modern Elegance offers an inside peek into the luxurious decadence of The Biltmore Hotel & Spa. 

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa Review – Old World Glamour; Modern Elegance

For more information on the Biltmore Hotel & Spa thoroughly enjoyed my stay at The Biltmore Hotel & Spa and would highly recommend the experience to everyone, even given the opportunity a stay.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa offers post massage and treatment relaxing stations

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Built in the Zen tradition

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