Texting and Driving Facts & Statistics


It has been proved that about a quarter of car crashes in Australia are caused by driver distractions. Use of mobiles is a major driver distractions especially texting while driving. Texting impairs the ability to maintain speed and lane and impacts on his or her judgment gap in traffic and reaction time. Texting distractions are risky and put the lives of many people in danger. The government of Australia has banned the use of hand held mobiles while driving to reduce distractions that cause car accidents. (Read more here)

Texting and driving

Various studies and surveys have been carried about texting and driving to help experts analyze how the two relate. The experts came up with several Texting and driving facts as discussed below


1. Fast facts

  • The Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Insurance indicated that that texting while driving is the leading cause of distractions while driving. The groups carried out survey that supported the following fast facts rival drinking and driving in terms of prevalence and danger.
  • Experts found that texting while driving is a major cause of most road accidents
  • Several states in Australia are carrying active campaigns to make sure the government bans texting while driving
  • Different surveys indicated that about 46% of drivers aged 16-17 admitted that they text while driving. In general, almost 50% of teens admitted this mistake.
  • Over one trillion text messages were sent all over the world last year.
  • Most teen who text while driving arrogant. This is because about 77 percent of them have been warned by adults against emailing or texting while driving. Moreover, 9 out ten teens expect a text reply within five after putting young drivers on pressure to reply while driving.


2. The theory behind texting while driving

It is clear that texting while driving is gradually becoming a national epidemic and one of the top killers in the country. Drivers tend to assume that they can remain safe while driving. They think they can handle texting and driving simultaneously. However, the numbers do not lie;

  • Results of texting of while driving
  • About 1.6 million accidents according to the National Security Council
  • Almost 25 percent of all car accidents
  • About eleven teen deaths everyday according to the Institute For Hwy Safety Fatality Facts
  • Over 330, 000 injuries every year according to Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study



Have you been pulled over or fined for using a mobile phone while driving?




Texting and driving facts

** Adults are affected by this distraction. For instance 15 percent of young drivers admitted to have seen their parents and elder brothers drive while texting.

** Most teens reported texting while driving as a major driving distraction. Most teen drivers involved in car crashes admitted to have been talking or texting at the time of the crash. This is also contributed by the fact that about 82 percent of teen own cell phones.

** Texting while driving is similar to driving after drinking four beers according to the National Hwy Transportation Safety Admin.

**It is likely to cause an accident six more than intoxicated driving

** It increases chances of a crash by twenty three times because it distracts the eyes off the road for a longer time than other activities. Its distractions are longer and riskier than dialing, reaching for a device and talking or listening.

** It slows down the braking reaction speed by eighteen percent according to Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

** Tech Transportation Institute found that texting while driving is equivalent to blind-driving for 5 seconds. This is the same as driving a distance equal to football field length blindly at a speed of 55mph.

** Most people don’t think texting while driving is a problem. About 77 percent of young adults are confident they can text and drive safely. Almost 55 percent of young adults find it easy to text while driving. This is a major problem because about 10 percent of drivers drive outside their lane when texting.



Do you use your mobile phone while driving?




The future of texting while driving

Recent studies are showing that most drivers are accepting the dangers of texting while driving and are showing signs of quitting this practice. About 3.5 percent of survey respondents in Australia have tried to stop this habit while 86 percent claimed to stop using their phones while driving. This is a positive trend because only 7 percent maintained that texting while driving safe.

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