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Saybrook Point Inn Review - A Coastal Beauty Spot with Solitude and Peace

By morton hochstein

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There’s a beauty spot on the New England coast where a vacationer can be totally alone with all the solitude and peace anyone might desire.  The same spot is in walking distance of a country inn with all the deluxe amenities a person might desire.



The private hideaway is a suite in a lighthouse overlooking Long Island Sound at Old Saybrook, Connecticut.  Gaze out from the second floor of the lighthouse and you are King Neptune surveying water on three sides and   land on the fourth. You’re in the Lighthouse Suite, a hideaway that sleeps four persons, has its own galley kitchen and a balcony to bring you even closer to the sights and sounds of the sea.


Enjoying the evening

 At the lighthouse, the world is your oyster, and you’re just a short bike ride or leisurely stroll away from one of New England’s most honored country lodgings, the Saybrook Point Inn. And while there is no shortage of comfort at the lighthouse, there are even more amenities at the end of that stroll.


Less than three hours away from New York City, Old Saybrook sits at the mouth of the Connecticut River, peering out at Long Island Sound. Here the traveler can find fine dining, culture, history, shopping, sport and fishing, as well as the childhood home of Katharine Hepburn.


Entry to Sanno


 My idea of sheer pleasure is to sail along the New England coast on a bright, sunny day. Next best could be a seat on a seaside patio with a view of a sail dotted harbor and a cool drink. No, belay that, second greatest pleasure would be to dine outdoors   at Fresh Salt, the gourmet restaurant at the inn. Perched there, I might multi-task my pleasures, enjoy that cool drink, watch the boats at play and download great seafood and wonderful treats from a non-stop buffet.


Fresh Salt

 Strolling toward the shoreline from the lighthouse on a late autumn weekend   I came close to realizing both pleasures on a late autumn weekend. My walk took me past a   marina still bustling with small vessels and yachts. Though the days of summer were dwindling down, the autumnal exodus from the waters was yet to begin. 


The marina is one of the major amenities adjoining the inn, which has been expanding over the years. That expansion today is more land bound, as management adds accommodations with the acquisition of two large houses, which face the inn from across the road. We bunked down at one of those houses, Three Stories, a refurbished former private dwelling a moment’s walk from the main facility.


 This gave us a greater feeling of intimacy and privacy while still close to the larger inn across the road.  There’s a ‘mother hen’ at Three Stories, who looks after her brood, much in the manner of a concierge.  We enjoyed a handsome breakfast here and our other meals at the primary facility. Three Stories has seven individually designed rooms, each with a private balcony, luxurious European bedding and fine linens.


Luxury bedroom

When Spring rolls around, Three Stories will be joined by its next door neighbor, to be known as Tall Tales. Refurbishment almost complete, Tall Tales is a historic eight room Italianate guesthouse. The new facility will include six rooms including a one-bedroom suite on the upper floor. Like its adjoining predecessor, it will have several common areas including a game room. Both houses are venues which families and groups might rent for special occasions.  


Saybrook Point Inn has a full scale, 11-room Spa, Sanno, offering a battery of services such as massage therapy, facials, body wraps, scrubs, and manicures. Amenities include    a steam room, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, and  a huge selection of exercise classes and fitness equipment. We were pampered and indulged as we spent a pleasant morning of massage and rest at Sanno, as well as swimming and relaxing at the outdoor pool after our workouts.


Now, to the food. Rather, first to the food as we arrived at the Inn just in time for a Roman feast otherwise known as Sunday Brunch. It was kind overwhelming and Fresh Salt, boasting many culinary honors, is renowned for its brunch. We wandered from station to station, starting at a seafood bar featuring a Connecticut lobster roll and Maine lobster salad, locally netted seafood including monk and sword, as well as clams and calamari. After sampling the lobster and calamari, clams and oysters, several smoked salmon of course, I tottered over to the hot food bar for a king-sized beef sandwich, a smattering of salad, and peered goggle-eyed at the filet mignon, which I passed up to save a small amount of room for a dessert buffet packed with chocolate cakes, gelatos, meringues, fruit tarts and candy truffles. I overindulged.


Night scene


What I really liked about Saybrook Point was the hospitality, a real, meaningful, how can I improve your stay, attitude. Behavior like that  starts from the top down. The desire to please reflects top leadership, in this case general manager John Lombardo and Inn Keeper Stephen Tagliatela.   One day my wife fell from her bike, with no injury, but both of those gentlemen were out in the road to help before she could get up, and they inquired about her condition frequently afterwards.  Staffers were equally concerned and seemed to go overboard in their efforts to make us comfortable.   When our stay was over, we left the inn feeling we had made new friends and hope to see them again when sunny days return.


Photos: Courtesy of Saybrook Point Inn







Published on Jan 08, 2016

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