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Sweetwater Castle Review - Beckoning Upscale Travelers To San Diego's Ultimate Warm Weather Escape

By Dylan Jordan

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Private Beach

There are "getaways."
And...there are getaways.
And then there is Sweetwater Castle in Point Loma, an immaculate harbor town not far from downtown San Diego, California.

When Robin Leach cashed in on his fame during his hey-day of "Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous," his escapades had nothing on Sweetwater Castle.

Sweetwater Castle's owner, who prefers anonymity, designed, created and put his heart and soul into the planning and building of San Diego's best kept secret. This hidden gem's reputation for exceeding expectations has never failed to amaze those fortunate enough to indulge in it's many faceted layers.

Sweetwater Castle is fast becoming a property of which legends are born with it's unsurpassed creature comforts, endless amenities, perfect location and owner, who has literally thought of everything any discrete traveler or couple could ever desire-and more!

The property is conveniently located 7 minutes from downtown, with easy access to and from the airport, Seaport Villiage, Seaworld, San Diego Zoo, The J. Cooley Museum ( A must see/visit) and much more!

The property rests beautifully on the harbor, literally brushing up against the Southwestern Yacht Club. In fact, speaking of the harbor, one of the bonus's of staying at Sweetwater Castle is it's incredible views of the water from two of the three bedrooms as well as the fully automated living room/theater/dining area-(More on that later). In other words, if relaxation is your aim, than Sweetwater Castle is the ideal escape from life's day to day stress. 

Plush Master Suite

Still curious about beach proximity to the property? How's this?
Try right in your back yard, or the owner's back yard per se: His semi-private beach is the perfect R & R spot, yet has the capacity to host wedding ceremonies and receptions. In other words, a couple or an individual can enjoy themselves, while basking in the sun or sip wine at
sunset, while taking in the Yachts and sailboats near the edge of the water.

If you're a good guest, the owner will dote on you and when I say dote, the operative word is really "Spoil" the heck out of his guests. Most guests get to indulge in a sunset cruise on his electric, eco-friendly party boat that his lovely wife lays out a fully equipped spread that includes: The all-important wines, juices, a variety of cheeses, varieties of fruits, gourmet chocolates and slices of scrumptious breads and crackers and dips. 

As you can imagine, Sweetwater Castle is not the Proprietor's "job." Sweetwater is his "labor of love." The successful couple's pride of ownership is their passion or as they've said: "We like meeting interesting people, making new friends and sharing stories with them." They are the ultimate hosts, like something out of a fantasy. They're kind-hearted, generous and genuine. Try finding THAT in LA County-yeah right!


Sweetwater Castle is everything you'd want in a vacation home but even suggesting that it's simply a great vacation home would be both cliche and a major understatement-not to mention a disservice to the owners. Since your hosts have literally thought of more than everything, empowering their guests to feel like a million (or is it a billion?) bucks, Sweetwater surpasses all expectations because their owners have thought of creature comforts most Hollywood sets haven't even touched yet.

For instance: How often do you enter a vacation getaway that operates by remote control in critical areas of the home?
Sweetwater does: The window treatments on both the harbor side and horticulturally amazing back outdoor region are all operated by remote control. In fact, all of the electronics and components in the family/living room seamlessly operate by remote control. And if that's not enough for you, imagine this: In addition to the flat-screen located off of the fireplace, there is a 100 foot movie theater screen that drops down out of the ceiling by the push of a button!
In other words, Sweetwater's home theater system is concealed  in the ceiling in conjunction with a stellar, top of the line surround sound.

In fact, the theater alone is so advanced, that an Oscar winning A-List top-5 name Movie Star (whose identity is unknown even to this Journalist), recently contacted the owner and his wife requesting a week at Sweetwater for the express purposes of being able to relax with his family, while (ironically enough) borrowing DVD's from Sweetwater's vast collection of movies and chilling in both the castle and on the beach.

The Beautiful Veranda

The staircase winds exquisitely to the upstairs bedrooms, which include an incredibly spacious amount of generous space that include: Two sitting areas, an over-sized King bed with the most therapeutic mattress on today's market (remember, I said the owner's thought of everything?), dueling His & Hers walk-in closets, a modern day, free-standing claw tub, modern shower with block glass, stained glass overlooking the tub, double sinks, a wealth of bath, hand towels and wash cloths. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Sweetwater Castle's wonderful products, e.g. shampoo's conditioner's and more. All eco-friendly, healthy and excellent quality and strategically placed in abundance. And of course the best bonus of all: Views of the harbor and walking/running path right off the water!

The kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, a Viking stove and get this: Upon arrival, Sweetwater's hosts don't simply leave you mints on your pillow. They have a welcome package second to none: Wine, all sorts of tasty snacks, chocolates, cheeses and a well-stocked fridge with Orangina, eggs, Fiji waters and more! All generously provided with love by a couple whose goal is for every guest that steps into their home to leave feeling better than when they first arrived-mission more than accomplished!

Their one-car garage and front door look like the wooden craftsmanship from a 15th century castle-for real. The structure of Sweetwater Castle has been uniquely built with steel for it's sturdy, reliable, solid structure-aka no concerns about earthquakes or weather issues. If (God forbid) there was ever a true catastrophe, the one structure that would remain standing tall in Point Loma, would be Sweetwater Castle-you can bet on that. However, weather is not an issue in peaceful, gorgeous, (perfect weather) Point Loma. The owner's have spent their entire lives as home-grown residents of the area and are proud to say that they're still having the time of their lives decades later.

The garage contains upscale laundry accommodations along with beach toys for the kiddies and a brand new state of the art ping-pong table, new treadmill and water cooler for when guests want to break a sweat and refresh.

Outside both upstairs and downstairs the host's wife (a Horticulturist), has expertly and lovingly designed a comfortable sitting, dining, BBQ and rest area for their guests enjoyment. 

The Lavish Living Room

The remaining two bedrooms are well appointed with plush bedding, nautical themes, more creature comforts, TV's and a double-sink with tub/shower, plus the aforementioned products in all three baths. 

What was once THE best-kept secret on the wedding circuit has now morphed into a wonderful destination for couples who'd like to enjoy a lovely ceremony, reception or honeymoon for that matter. Talk about a one-stop wedding solution! Plus: Knowing that your hosts will exceed even the pickiest of guests through their tireless, hands-on ability to stay one-step ahead of their clientele make Sweetwater Castle that rare gem, that slice of heaven with no equal, period. 

Sweetwater Castle sleeps 6-8 comfortably and the price is beyond reasonable when you factor in all the pleasant surprises that the hosts include at no additional charge (zero hidden costs or negative surprises going out), the convenient location to the ocean, downtown and all the attractions and so much more. 

The cost is a fair/great deal, especially when you consider that in Sweetwater's glorious history, they've never had a transient stay on site, simply because the owner's want guests who will commit to no less than a week-enough said. If you're looking to stay in San Diego for one day of business for example, than Sweetwater is not your cup of tea-or theirs. 

However, if you're looking to escape to San Diego for a week or more, than Sweetwater Castle is the ideal getaway for 2014 and beyond. It has every amenity you could ever hope for-wait, strike that: Dream about along with hosts who care more about your satisfaction than any big-box hotel chain could ever provide, plus: guests benefit from their hosts experience, having lived in the neighborhood their entire lives.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that Point Loma only has the best climate in the US? 

Combine all these factors with their built-in concierge service, e.g. their encyclopedia-like knowledge of where to go, what do do and what's fun and you've just walked into one of the best vacation options anywhere.

For more information, click here or contact DJean Beckerr-Osborne at: 619-303-5968 or 877-659-0515 to book your stay.

Bon Fire!

Photo credit: Frank Tallaferro

Published on Feb 17, 2014

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