Laguna Beach Review – A Picturesque Beach Vacation

Laguna Beach is a haven for artists and all that you have to do is take a walk in any direction and you will find an art gallery to prove it. To be a fan of art is not required to visit Laguna Beach, but it will not take you long to see the beauty that engulfs so many artists. Laguna Beach will be just as breathtaking to every tourist that visits this classic Orange County beach town as it is to the artists that try to capture it on canvas.

The beach cities up and down the Southern California coast all have their own identity and Laguna Beach has one a little different than all of the rest. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches that you will find anywhere on the west coast but you will find a setting that is a little more peaceful and relaxing than the rest. Don’t think that means that you can’t find fun, as there are plenty of things to do as you make your way through town and you still can get enjoy the ocean with a swim or if you are up to it you can go surfing. It really is just a take it at whatever type of pace you want to take it type of town.

When it comes to finding a place to spend your vacation that really encompasses what Laguna Beach is all about the Inn at Laguna Beach is literally the perfect spot. There are other hotels that are on the beach, but this one somehow found a home above the bluffs to give you a one-of-a-kind view that no one else can offer. You will find 70 modern and updated rooms that all have beds that are so soft and plush they were seemingly made to pair with the ocean breeze to give you a night of slumber you won’t soon forget. A number of the rooms give you the perfect beach view and there is nothing like walking onto the balcony and just enjoying the sunset and the view of Laguna Beach.

Rooftop at the Inn at Laguna Beach

The summer is clearly the best time of the year to enjoy the beach, but  one of the best parts of the Inn at Laguna Beach is snuggling up to the fire pit terrace with a glass of wine on the roof top terrace. You can usually find a number of guests up there taking in the sunset and just enjoying then end of another memorable day at Laguna Beach. You also don’t have to worry about the climate if you stay at the Inn at Laguna Beach because if the ocean is a little too chilly for you, the Inn at Laguna Beach has a beautiful heated pool and hot tub that are right outside the rooms so you still get the beach atmosphere.

Beautiful room at the Inn at Laguna Beach

The Inn at Laguna Beach also recently unveiled a multi-million dollar environmentally sensitive renovation in which they put a number of great sustainable practices into place throughout the property. The hotel has taken various steps to minimize its environmental footprint and significantly reduce waste with the implementation of the following measures: in-room and back-of-the-house recycling, in-room reusable water bottles, low flush toilets, birch wood key cards and a partnership with Clean the World organization which recycles discarded soaps and shampoos and then distributes them to various organizations throughout the world to prevent disease. The Inn at Laguna Beach is certainly at the forefront when it comes to being green in the hotel industry, they have not taken anything away from the guest with all of these improvements.

Room with a view

When it comes to breakfast while staying at the Inn at Laguna Beach there are only two options that you should consider. If you have an ocean view, order the breakfast and get pastries so fresh you would think you pulled them out of the oven yourself and enjoy the ocean breeze and sunrise. If this does not sound like a magical enough way to start the day then walk just a few minutes up the hill to Las Brisas and by a few minutes I mean two, three tops. The first thing you will ask is how did any restaurant capture the best location in all of Laguna Beach and the answer is they were the first ones to realize it was the best spot. Incredible Mexican food is served throughout the day, but the breakfast buffet is a fantastic way to start the day. The food is not only fantastic, but they have something for everyone and the food is only topped by the impeccable service.

Breakfast at the Inn at Laguna Beach

Once you venture just down the hill from the Inn at Laguna Beach and make your way into town you will find no shortage of restaurants but if you want a unique and local dining experience, Three Seventy Common Kitchen + Drink is a must stop for you. Ryan Adams is the chef and owner, having purchased the restaurant in 2011 and quickly put his stamp on the menu with his farm-to-table fare. If you are in Laguna Beach on any Sunday make sure to go to the Sunday Night Social as Chef Adams brings back the revered Sunday tradition of weekly family-style meals. The menu changes every week, you could find roast chicken, pot roast, meatloaf or seasonal fish. This meal is a great bargain, as for one price you are taken from appetizer all the way to dessert and everything in between. You will quickly appreciate that Chef Adams creates his vegetable dishes from the best and freshest local ingredients. To encourage face-to-face interaction, diners are asked to refrain from the use of cell phones, smart phones and other electronic devices in the dining room. A great experience and perfect for Laguna Beach. Chef Adams everyday menu is one that features his unique flavors and you will be able to find dishes such as bacon wrapped meatloaf, bone marrow, clams and chowder just to name a few. Grab a table by the fireplace and you won’t find a better dining spot in Laguna Beach.

Roasted Sea Bass at 370 Common

370 Common

This is the beach so you have to treat yourself to lunch with sun reflecting off of your sunglasses and the ocean breeze cooling off the heat of that sun is creating, very close to the perfect setting. When it comes to capturing this setting there is nothing that will put you right on the edge of the surf and sand quite like The Deck. The Deck is the only restaurant in Laguna Beach right on the sand and while it is all beach in atmosphere, the food is anything but typical laid back casual cuisine.

On those days in Laguna Beach there really isn’t much better than cozying up to a bowl of clam chowder at The Deck. If you a connoisseur of clam chowder you will love this thick and robust version that will not cheat you on the clams and I would be willing to put it in the class of a chowder you by find on the east coast or the San Francisco bay. The appetizer menu is so good at The Deck you might not find your way to your main course. Crab cakes that are thick and have a perfect crispy exterior are a great choice, but you can’t go wrong with the calamari that is complimented so well by the marinara and jalapeno tartar sauce.

When it comes to the main course, The Deck takes advantage of the fresh fish that is available to them as you have your choice of yellowfin  tuna, halibut, mahi mahi as well as salmon. The Deck also has steak, pork chops and lobster, but this is one place to give the fish as try as you can find creative flavors such as  chorizo and saffron butter sauce that accompany the pan seared halibut. Make sure to pair one of the freshly prepared cocktails with your dining experience, the Pure Joy says it all, what more could you ask for than a day at the beach with this cocktail prepared with fresh raspberries , Ketel One Citroen and lemon, so fresh and perfectly beach.

Laguna Beach allows you to take your day in any direction you want and at the end of the night you fall peacefully asleep to a cool beach breeze and melodic sounds of waves that most people only can hear from a recording. Laguna Beach is a true vacation spot, and then some.

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