King Fredrick Inn Review - A Great Place to Relax and Discover a Culture

Sometimes you just need a break from the everyday life. If you’re like me you also like to experience other cultures and try new foods, and just see how other people live. Travelling to different countries can be expensive and time consuming; you have to make sure your passport is up to date, that you have the right visas, and shots, and the right currency. International travel takes time to plan, which doesn't work well for me. Sometimes I just want to go away for a weekend and experience something new.

Recently I was itching for one of these experiences to get out of the city for a few days, and clear my mind. Living in L.A. its city for miles, and I've seen most of the outskirts. I wanted something different than a beach view, which is where I usually go to clear my mind. So I started doing some research, what was within 2-3 hours in any direction that would be an interesting place to visit?

Hans Christian Anderson

During this research is when I found Solvang, CA. What drew me to Solvang was that it was just two hours north of LA and it is a Danish community. What also initially sparked my interest was that they have a Hans Christian Anderson museum and being a lover of fairy tales that was one thing I had to see.  So I got a nearby location that I could visit at the drop of a hat with a culture I hadn't yet experienced, and that's what I did. 

A picturesque town abounding in Danish culture and history, two hours from LA I really couldn’t say no. When you visit Solvang the buildings reflect the Danish farm-style architecture and there are windmills dotting the town. I checked into the King Fredrick Inn in the heart of Solvang. Like the King Fredrick Inn which is locally owned and cared for, there a number of great Inn's, Bed and Breakfasts and a few resorts. Now don't fret if you worried that there not all name brands, the accommodations are immaculate, clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly and helpful. Visit the Solvang, Where to Stay page to see all the great options you have for staying in Solvang.

The room I stayed in was awash in cool blue tones.  There was a comfy king size bed with a flat screen TV, a desk and a balcony (which all 2nd floor rooms had). During my three night stay I also enjoyed the mini fridge and microwave, large closet, spacious shower, hair dryer, and iron, and ironing board my room was equipped with.

Every morning as I woke I went down to the lobby to enjoy the complimentary breakfast.  There was a choice of different Danish pastries, breads, muffins, coffee, orange juice, apple juice and water.  You could eat in the lobby or take a tray up to your room.  I choose to fill a tray with a few pastries, orange juice, toast, and water and head back up to my room to enjoy breakfast while lounging in bed. The crystal clear heated pool and Jacuzzi were a pleasant bonus.

The King Fredrick Inn is within walking distance of pretty much everything there is to see in Solvang. Its location is right next to a small park, and the visitor’s center.  It was a five minute walk to the Hans Christen Anderson museum that I visited on the first day there. It was a cute little museum with relics of books and knickknacks of the past, and the history of Hans Christian Anderson and his tales.

It was easy to walk from the King Fredrick Inn to eat at local restaurants like the Greenhouse Cafe, and CHOMP.  The Greenhouse Cafe is a little Danish restaurant with Danish delights. CHOMP is a good old American restaurant for the locals and visitors to enjoy when they just want a burger and fries, because in Solvang there is a city ordinance that prevents chain stores and resturants to open within the city limits of Solvang, in order to preserve the Danish qualities.

Little Mermaid Sculpture

Solvang is a fantastic place to visit.  I highly recommend taking a chance on a small town and seeing all it has to offer! For more information visit Solvang online, and read the CHOMP  and Greenhouse Cafe review articles today!! 

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