JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa Review - Everything Las Vegas and Then Some

The Las Vegas Strip is in actuality a world unlike any other, moving at the speed of light with the bright lights to match. But once in a while you can take a little step to the left or to the right of the strip and you will find that there is more to Las Vegas than that four mile strip of road. Just ten minutes outside of Las Vegas the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa might just be the Las Vegas you have always been looking for.

Driving up to the JW you immediately have the sense of entering your own secluded vacation spot. You will be struck by the beautiful scenic location, the spaciousness and seemingly endless grounds that make up the JW Marriott. As opposed to a typical Las Vegas strip destination, you won’t find yourself fighting with snail-paced traffic or pedestrians wandering aimlessly into the road, and you certainly won’t feel engulfed by towering buildings every time you look up towards the sun. If you are looking for a vacation that combines the glitz of Las Vegas and the seclusion of a remote resort, you have found your destination.

Don't miss out on all that the JW and the surrounding area have to offer outside - you'll want to save the gaming and nightlife for exactly that: the night. From living it up in a poolside cabana, to enjoying a world-class golf course or visiting the Red Rock Canyon, there are so many options you are likely to run out of daylight before you run out of things to do. As opposed to staying on the strip where the golf is limited, the JW does not only have 11 golf courses nearby, but they also have a relationship with the TPC Las Vegas, which makes arranging your golfing day that much easier.

Pool with a view

The pool setting at the JW is stunning you might just let the sun melt your day away in this tropical setting. An 11,000 square-foot swimming pool with a cascading tropical waterfall that is surrounded by palm trees, you could not ask for a more serene setting to spend the day.  If you are looking for a little more private setting for your family or group of friends, there are plenty of cabanas. In addition just a short walk from the pool you can play sand volleyball or bocce ball. For a little more privacy one of the hidden gems of the JW is the outdoor hydrotherapy circuit pool with coed whirlpool loated at the Aquae Sulis Spa & Salon. This is essentially a very private and secluded relaxing spa area for you to lie out and grab some sun away from the crowds.

Aquae Sulis Outdoor Spa Area

That little hidden gem is just one tiny aspect of the Aquae Sulis European Spa & Salon which you will find is on par with any spa in all of Las Vegas. There are 36 treatment rooms including two couple suites, meaning the JW will be able to provide you with just about any type of treatment you could imagine. For you men who are wanting to go out looking your best and want to combat all that heat, sun and desert damage that your face has to endure, the Organic Male facial will not only have you looking your best, but you will feel like a new man as well.  In addition there is a state-of-the-art fitness center that also offers an assortment of group classes.

When it comes to dining the JW has put together a wide assortment of restaurants that allow you to run the gamut of dining options for every occasion. You have to start with the Carmel Room which is a classic steakhouse that takes you back to the days of when you went dining your meal was as much about the experience as it was about the food. To learn about Chef Marlo Goliat all you have to do is taste his duck confit. Tender and perfectly prepared from the two day preparation that goes into, truly the way duck was meant to be eaten and you will find the same high quality throughout the menu that includes features every cut of beef you would be looking for and a Chilean Sea Bass that melts in your mouth.

Steak and Scallops at Shizen

Teppanyaki chef at Shizen

If you are looking for a little bit more of a fun and upbeat setting you can try both Shizen and J.C. Wooloughan. Shizen has Japanese cuisine, fresh sushi and teppanyaki. You might not know teppanyaki by name but you surely are familiar with the style and Shizen does it right. Teppanyaki is a style in which you and your group sit at the grill and the chef prepares your food right in front of you. If you love fresh Japanese food this is a must try but even better than the food is the entertaining show that your chef puts on, this makes for one memorable evening.  J.C. Wooloughan is as Irish of a pub as you will find, with a menu that brings authentic dishes right to your Las Vegas table. If you are looking for a plate that will take you to Ireland, you can't go wrong with fish n’ chips with a perfectly poured Guinness. While maybe not the most Irish dish, try the calamari appetizer, but you better bring some friends as this was the largest portion of calamari I have ever seen. The food is great, but if you are looking for a place to get fired up for a soccer game and start cheering raucously with people you have never met before, this is the place for you.

Fish n' Chips at J.C. Wooloughan Irish Pub

To start your day Ceres Restaurant would certainly have to be considered one of the best settings in all of Las Vegas. You can enjoy your scrumptious breakfast buffet while overlooking a waterfall and palm trees. If you're in the middle of a hot streak and don’t want to leave the casino floor, just overlooking all of the action is Promenade Café. This is a classic Las Vegas style 24-hour café that serves huge portions at not so huge prices. 221 Social Food is home to the best happy hour in Las Vegas. A five-dollar menu that is unparralled from providing scallops to the a martini menu that anywhere else in Las Vegas would cost you $15. Finally for those of you who can’t go a day without their Starbucks, well there is one located inside the JW.

Breakfast view at Ceres Restaurant

The nightlife at the JW is not going to be filled with long lines and overcrowded nightclubs like the venues on the Las Vegas strip, but what you will find is plenty of entertainment throughout the casino. On one typical Saturday night you were able to find two different bands at different spots inside of the casino, another live band at J.C. Wooloughan and finally poolside there was movie being shown on a portable screen.

The JW is certainly a first-class vacation destination but the JW can make sure you feel like your home for more than just a weekend vacation. The grounds and resort rooms are so spacious they can handle almost any size wedding or business meeting or retreat. What separates the JW from the rest of Las Vegas is you are not limited to your conference room or your one designated area; the JW has 43 acres that will allow you to set up any type of group setting, wedding, party, team building event or even a family reunion. The JW can work with you to make sure whatever your are looking for you will find, even down to having your own private check-in area if that is what you are looking for.

Luxurious room at JW

Just partaking in some of what the JW Marriott has to offer could make for one exhausting day. If you still have any room left on your schedule as the day or night is coming to an end, there are just two things left for you. Make sure you visit the Rampart Casino and try your hand at some blackjack or throw a few coins in the slot machine before you call it a night. Once you hit that big jackpot the only thing left to do is take that short walk to your luxurious room and let that plush mattress help you recover so you can start all over the next day.

The perception of Las Vegas is gambling and nightlife that will have you sauntering back to your room at daybreak, but the truth is that there is so much more to this desert paradise. You are going to find amazing restaurants, spas to pamper you and bring you back to life, pools that make it worth basking in the sun, golf and plenty of other outdoor activities.  Finally don’t think that a girls weekend away or a bachelor party is the only reason to visit Vegas, any group, social or business will enjoy all that Vegas has to offer. All of that is what the JW Marriott has to offer as well as a little bit of tropical paradise.

For more information on the JW Marriott Las Vegas, visit: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lasjw-jw-marriott-las-vegas-resort-and-spa/

For more information on the TPC Las Vegas, visit: www.tpc.com/lasvegas

The JW Marriott Las Vegas is currently partnering with the TPC for an unbelievable golfing package that is available from June 17th through August 17th. The package includes a one night stay in a deluxe guest room and one round of golf per day at TPC Las Vegas Golf Course. The package also includes transportation to and from the course as well as a souvenir golf bag tag, golf course guide and a 15 percent discount off of merchandise at the TPC golf shop. This offer is subject to availability and the rates start at $95 per person (or $189 per night) Sunday through Thursday and $120 per person (or $239 per night) for Friday and Saturday night stays.

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