How to Be a High Roller in Vegas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a high roller in Vegas? In a town of extremes, anything is possible. In life, there are no limits. 


So what is a high roller? Well, it has nothing to do with medical marijuana. It’s someone who lives life to extremes, without limitations. Someone who takes big risks, that can lead to big rewards. James Bond was not a high roller. Compared to a real high roller, he was a government employee who had a limited budget. It’s not just about how much you spend. It’s how you roll. And that can change quickly with the roll of the dice. The real high rollers don't need to waste their time on online casinos like, they know how to get sweet perks and huge comps from the casinos, 

You can’t be a high roller without a jet. Whether you fly into town on your own private jet, or maybe you rent one from Sterling Executive Charter, it’s the way to go. If you are a serious high roller, the casino flies you in on theirs. You don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy these perks. In Vegas, everything is for sale.


Day 1

You arrive in style on the private airstrip & are whisked away by limo to your 2-story suite at the Palms Resort & Casino. The spacious 9000 square foot Sky Villa Suite rents for $40,000 per night and is the most expensive in Vegas. With it's own private infinity pool, cascading waterfalls, massage room, circular bed, and elevator within the suite, it will officially make you a player. The suite includes a private butler and car service anywhere in Vegas. With today's gas prices, that's a bargain!


The World Cup of Pizza

For lunch, your knees are weak at the thought of trying the best pizza in the world. You quickly order your car service to take you to Pizza Rock - Tony Gemingnani's new place in downtown Vegas. Tony is the only American to ever win the title of World Champion Pizza Maker at World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy. You will dig into eclectic pies like the Guinness Pizza, the award-winning Margherita Pizza, and the Market Pizza with fresh ingredients from the Farmer's Market each Friday. This one features Mac n cheese, Gorgonzola, pancetta, bacon & sausage! All low cal of course. As a high roller, you can afford to try one of everything on the menu if you want.




Sweet Surrender

Have you ever tried a $750 cupcake? The Decadence D'Or originated at Sweet Surrender at The Palazzo. Why is it so pricey? It's created from Palmira Single Estate Chocolate derived from the rare and fragile Porcelana Criollo bean from Venezuela. Then it’s topped with Tahitian Gold Vanilla Caviar, and ripened for nine months. Other ingredients include Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, 100 years in the making, and edible, metallic gold flakes. The cupcake is then encased in a stately, hand blown sugar Fleur-de-Lis. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds!! It’s certainly very rich in every way.


Meat and Greet

35 Steak & Martinis inside the Hard Rock Hotel offers one of the most expensive steaks in Vegas. The 35-ounce Tomahawk steak is enough for two people and pairs perfectly with chipotle cream corn and truffle fries. For perfection, try it with the Serrano Martini, infused with a fiery chili. You’ll marvel at finding a tasty beet salad that doesn't taste like dirt. The herbed goat cheese croquette is a great addition.  And you will feel generous when you order the 3-story Shellfish Tower. It would be a faux pas to skip the fois gras and the rare Duck Confit Samousa.




Next, you head over to the Wynne’s XS Nightclub, aptly named as you order the most expensive cocktail in Vegas with a price tag of $10,000. The Ono champagne cocktail features champagne that goes for some $500 per bottle, plus custom-designed glassware. The star ingredient is the rare Rémy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl Cognac that retails for over $2,000 per shot. Utilizing the Black Pearl cognac as inspiration, XS devised a cocktail that would celebrate the cognac's flavor and scarcity. The name of the drink was inspired by the Polynesian god Oro who, according to legend, brought a black pearl to the princess of Bora Bora. Ono also comes with a set of cufflinks and a gold, diamond, and pearl necklace - so it's a bargain. It tastes like part tuxedo, part jet fuel, & part alimony payment - hence the price!!


High Roller, Keep on Rollin’

After that, you head on over to the LINQ for the new High Roller Experience, currently the largest Ferris wheel in the world. You and your entourage sip cocktails as you rotate around the large wheel in an air-conditioned cabin with some intoxicating views of Vegas and the world-famous Strip.



Day 2

Party Like a Rock Star

At the Hard Rock Hotel, you stumble into a Blackjack tournament and meet up with professional gambler Joe, aka “Big Daddy”, one of the biggest gamers from Kansas City with a new reality show coming out. This is also the hotel where MTV’s the Real World was filmed in the suite with a bowling alley & fish tank. Joe is an invited guest of the casino with plenty of high-roller perks in order to lure him out to the tournament. You watch him lose $50,000 in a few hands, only to make back $150,000 in 8 hands. He invites you into his life for a day so you can see how a professional gambler really lives. You start by visiting the infamous All Suites Tower (HRH tower) with it’s own VIP service and over 400 individualized suites that range in price from $500 per night up to $10,000 per night. Here, you will also find Big Daddy’s home away from home - the private 2 story Villa with butler service that has it’s own terrace Jacuzzi overlooking the infamous pool and beach area, where P Diddy and Puff Daddy likes to hang out when in town. Apparently, the Hard Rock is a good place for Daddies.



You grab a quick BBQ Bloody Mary, the signature Hard Rock morning after drink, at the Luxe Bar as you wait for your entourage and survey the damage of morning gamblers and a few die-hards still lingering from the previous night.


You grab a quick bite of breakfast at Pink Taco for a Mexican tapas experience with fresh Mexicali cuisine, Dia de los Muertos décor, and potent margaritas. You literally order just about one of everything and smack your fingers as you devour fried avocado, maple pork belly, lobster quesadillas, bacon-wrapped jalapeños and wash it all down with monkey punch!




Next on the agenda, you hang at private cabana #14 at the Hard Rock, that rents out for $5,000 per day and party with bikini-clad Playmates and young, scantily clad servers. You slip on the private VIP wristbands to pass through strict security. This coveted bracelet gives you access to the pool party at Rehab - which is like a nightclub in a pool… on steroids. As a high roller, you don’t blink when you see the bottle service menu with costs up to $50,000 per bottle of champagne and there is no “two buck chuck” on this menu. So, of course, you order 2 bottles of the best champagne...with strawberries. At this point, you are getting hungry, so you also order up some poolside vittles, which also costs an arm and a leg. You chuckle as you overhear Big Daddy tell a girl that the more she drinks, the cuter he gets. Even though he doesn’t drink, he is generous with the overpriced alcohol at this privileged oasis of gluttony and eye candy.




After a hard day of partying, you head to Reliquary, the water sanctuary and spa inside the Hard Rock Hotel. You unwind as you get the best deep tissue massage of your life, steam off the alcohol de jour, and soak in the giant coed, bathing-suit-optional Jacuzzi. You sigh as you listen to the custom remix of rock music remastered as soothing classical music created specifically for the Hard Rock Spa and only available at their spa store. You can’t even get it on iTunes, but it’s worth going there just for the tunes alone.




The perfect end to a bustling weekend is the detoxifying cuisine of Japanese and Hawaiian blends of Nobu. You wrap with the chef and manager, who explain that good sushi is about the ratio. You feel your heart jump a little when you discover they have one of the biggest selections of Japanese Whiskey in Vegas. You relish the choices of the Omakase experience, where you enjoy the essence of Chef Nobu’s personally paired favorites with cocktails, wine, Japanese whiskey, and sake flights.


You start out with the yellowtail sashimi that blends perfectly with Jalapeño. Wash it down with the most popular drink, the Matsuhisa cocktail, consisting of ginger sake vodka, infused with cucumber and pickled ginger.




You profess your affinity for pork belly and the chef brings out a special pork belly on watermelon with Fresno chilies in your honor.  The soft shell Tempura crab on watermelon is one of the best things you have ever put in your mouth and you can’t get enough. You sip the Pineapple martini as it slowly dawns on you that it’s one of your most favorite drinks ever. It’s almost enough to distract you from devouring the rock shrimp tempura and creamy spicy butter ponzu that is perfectly paired.



Then they bring out the Whiskey. The Yamasaki side car is Japanese Whiskey aged 12 years. This is one smooth sipping shine! It’s served with an ultra-hip ice sphere, and is, by far, the best whiskey in Vegas!


For dessert, you can’t decide, so you order four. The Strawberry Panacotta, peaches & cream with crispy filo, the chocolate lava cake, and the Hawaiian shaved ice with berries. You enjoyed a lot of food, but not enough to put you into a food coma.


Her name was Lola

You can’t come to Vegas without seeing a show or a showgirl. Jubileeis the greatest showgirl show on Earth. You marvel at the class and sophistication of this old school truly Vegas experience of the original showgirls experience. The show is the original topless version and pretty elaborate. The sets and costumes are very lavish and worth the ticket price.



Grand prize total for the decadent weekend: $258,612.18 (gambling money not included). If you win, it costs you nothing. That’s the gamble. As Big Daddy said when asked why he became a pro gambler “I made it into a business, so it doesn’t look like an addiction. When I win, it’s a business. If I lose, then I guess it’s an addiction. That’s why I don’t ever accept losing and keep fighting the cards until I win”. Spoken like a true champ and a real life high roller.


You start to get a little veklempt as you realize you have to say goodbye to the butler, the Villa, the Cabana, the comps, the perks, and the lifestyle you’ve been lucky to experience as a high-roller the last few days here in Vegas. You could get used to this high roller life of excess. Now it's back to reality....and maybe a nap.

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