Holman Ranch Review - A Family's Dream Shared

Winding along through Carmel Valley the beautifully green hills roll by with a calming rhythm.  This entrance to the valley sets the tone for the natural brilliance that Holman Ranch has preserved.  On the valley’s downtown strip you get your first introduction with Holman Ranch at the tasting room.  It is simply the front page of the hard work and passion that the Lowder family has put into Holman Ranch.

In 2006 Thomas and Jarman Lowder purchased the property with the dream of making wine and olive oil.  Inspired by their trips to Italy it was then time for them to accomplish this lifelong goal.  The preservation of Holman Ranch has been the perfect fit for this to come to fruition.  They have accomplished 100% organically estate grown wine while maintaining sustainable production.  The 21 acres within the valley caters to the grapes with the warm valley temperatures paired with the cooling marine layer.  This microclimate produces excellent Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris and the ranch grows a total of four different types of grapes.

With all of the grapes grown and then picked by hand the wine is made and aged in The Cave.  The temperature maintains a constant 58 degrees Fahrenheit and the proper humidity to insure the quality.  The details of the operation is impressive and outlines the passion this family has for their craft.  The extensive water collecting system that pulls from their highest peak is just one of the many details that Holman Ranch prides itself in.

As the wine is the passion that helped start Holman Ranch, the centerpiece of the property imprints a memorable image for guests of the ranch. A Spanish-style hacienda made of local Carmel stone sits on a hill side with oaks growing harmoniously alongside.  This is the iconic feature of the ranch and for generations it has provided space for gathering of all sorts.  The picturesque estate is perfectly groomed from the lush gardens to the seemingly perfect lawn in which you feel you shouldn’t even be standing on.


While maintaining the ranch’s original charm the details of comfort and modern amenities blends together effortlessly.  The Lowder’s have taken noticeable care in making the ranch a perfect fit for whatever event.  Specializing in weddings the ranch lends itself with breathtaking views only to compliment the even more special occasion.  The aesthetically pleasing space is only matched by its functionality.  Wide open space with beauty in all of its details, the ranch is made for pure enjoyment and comfort.

Guest houses line the entrance of the ranch completing wedding parties or hosting group retreats.  The scenic backdrop is a lovely escape and the seclusion of the ranch supports the feeling of togetherness.  Holman Ranch Wine Club members also get the privilege of enjoying the ranch grounds making anytime a pleasurable retreat.  You can’t help but be at ease with the soothing environment that Holman Ranch provides.


Apart from Holman Ranch the Lowder’s have put their nurturing touch on a local steakhouse Will’s Fargo.  This has been a longtime staple in downtown Carmel Valley and is now apart of the Holman Ranch family.  The same charm and old time comfort is not lost with Will’s Fargo.


Focusing on locally sustainable ingredients the steakhouse delivers a quality and care to their dishes that has served families since 1959. From free range chicken to choice cuts from the butcher it is once again the attention to detail that sets it apart.  The olive oil grown on Holman Ranch and added to the ice cream was the perfect way to punctuate a lasting impression of Will’s Fargo.

From Will’s Fargo to Holman Ranch the Lowder’s focus on quality and care is evident.  The wine produced is honestly thought out and the passion is clear in their endeavors.  This family has worked hard to leave a lasting memory for those who enjoy their labor.  Experiencing Holman Ranch is living within the dream that Thomas and Jarman Lowder dreamed of so many years ago.




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