Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas Review – In the Very Center of the Strip

Bally's is in the center of the strip. Photo courtesy of Bally's


There is no shortage of hotels in Las Vegas but few, if any, can boast the type of loyal clientele that Bally’s enjoys.  Many of the regulars who return again and again have been coming to Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino since it opened its doors in 1973.   Many of these loyal returnees are likely devoted gamblers who have a fondness for Bally’s casino.  Like boomers everywhere though, these regulars are likely now experiencing what it’s like to not be the majority generation for the first time, as they co-mingle in Bally’s elevators with the weekend throngs of Millennials who come from Southern California and elsewhere to party hard in a city that could be called Party Central.


Bally's feels like home to the many who return to it each time they visit Las Vegas. Caesar's reports it has more regulars than any other of their hotels. Photo: Peter Kachergis


Why Bally’s?


Indigo Grand Suite. Photo: Peter Kachergis


First—location, location, location. 


Hotels and casinos don’t get more centrally located in the Las Vegas strip than Bally’s.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of your vacation getting from point A to point B, settling in at Bally’s is a good way to surround yourself in the buzz with many dining and entertainment spots in an easy reach.


Business travelers should also make a strong mental note that there is a monorail stop just behind the hotel.  It’s a quick commute to get to trade shows and other events at the Convention Center, for example. 


Bally's pool. Photo courtesy of Bally's


Second— tennis anyone?


Tennis courts at Bally's. Photo courtesy of Bally's


Most would suspect that Bally’s, like other Las Vegas hotels, has a pool.  That it also has lovely tennis courts should also be on any tennis enthusiast’s radar.  That’s especially true for winter travelers coming from places like Chicago where the sport has to go indoors for the winter.


Third – shopping.


The festive Grand Bazaar is across the street from Bally's. Photo courtesy of Bally's


Like other Las Vegas hotels Bally’s has its share of lobby finds.  The big plus is just across the street and actually part of the Caesars enterprise in Las Vegas, where the relatively new Grand Bazaar outdoor market shops and restaurants are. 


Fourth—classic entertainment.


The longstanding Jubilee show is a Las Vegas tradition for many who like the Sin City aspect. Photo courtesy of Bally's


For some, it just wouldn’t be Las Vegas without the jeweled and feathered topless chorus line called Jubilee.  This show has been running since 1981 and it probably helps define the classic Sin City reputation of Las Vegas more than many similar shows.


Fifth—Food attractions


We took advantage of the low cost food court for food on the fly.   Not unlike other Las Vegas hotels, Bally’s has dining and food options at all price points.


BLT Steak—originally in New York, Hong Kong and Miami—makes its Las Vegas home in Bally’s. 


Caviar, lobster and more at the Sterling Brunch. Photo courtesy of Bally's


Or another upscale dining option is the Sterling Brunch that boasts caviar and lobster, among other gourmet fare.


Sixth--- the spa.


Bally’s spa may be better known to Las Vegas locals than to tourists planning their vacation.   Mani/pedi, massage and similar spa services are reported to be more price efficient at Bally’s than most other high quality options in the city.


The highest end suites come with 24/7 butler service. Photo: Peter Kachergis


Last, but not least—quiet, classy rooms.


Standard King-Sized Bed Room in Indigo Tower. Photo courtesy of Bally's


As she gave us a tour of several Bally’s well-appointed suites, Caesars Entertainment PR Manager Stella Moon shared that many people don’t realize that Bally’s has nice rooms.  


Suites in both the Jubilee and Indigo towers have jacuzzis. Photo: Peter Kachergis


One tower – Indigo Tower—has classic décor and is in a more secluded location promising solitude for those times when you want to get away.  Bally’s Jubilee Tower was remodeled more recently and sports lots of cheerful red and upscale touches like Eames style office chairs. 


Room in the remodeled Jubilee Tower. Photo courtesy of Bally's


Tip #1:  If someone wants to steer you to the quieter Indigo Tower during check-in go there if you want to but not because there is an acute need to get away from noise in the Jubilee Tower.  We toured both and they seemed equally quiet.  The updating in the Jubilee Tower is nice but the Indigo Tower rooms seem equally comfy. The overall feel of the hotel rooms is clean and uncluttered. 


Tip #2:  If you have any control over your trip timing aim for weekdays in November and December.  The room prices quoted to us varied by as much as 400% depending on whether it is a prime time (January to October weekends) or the “off” season.  Check though—a convention or similar could make for unexpected high occupancy peaks even during the slow season.


Tip #3:  While you can drop-in at the Spa, it’s always better to make reservations to ensure you get the services you want without delay.


Tip #4:  The 24/7 Starbucks in the Grand Bazaar across the street from Bally’s is a great place to plant if you want to not only get coffee and espresso drinks but tune in your digital life or work on your laptop or other device.  You will find coffee and espresso drinks in the Bally’s lobby next to the casino.  For quiet and a change of scene though, Starbucks has tables inside and outside and is a welcome hangout outside your room if you want one.


Tip #5:  If you are booking online check over the Xmas season when Caesars Entertainment may be running specials.


Tip #6:  Check out the Rewards Program as a back door to use a stay at Bally’s to earn points to stay more affordably at its upscale siblings in the Caesars Entertainment empire. 


For more information visit the Bally’s website.  

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