Atlanta’s CNN Studios Tour - Inside View of TV News

One of 44 CNN global locations, the Atlanta CNN studios are the headquarters for this broadcaster that first put 24/7 news coverage on the map.  If you have an interest in how the news you consume on your TV set comes into being this is your tour.  


Those who are amused by technology tricks will probably also find this tour worthwhile too.

Like Atlanta’s “World of Coca-Cola” tour, there will be no mistaking that this is a long commercial for the CNN brand. 

You start off with a touristy gimmick, getting your photo taken as you pose as a news anchor reading a script.  (Note:  You can opt out of the photo opp if you desire.)

From there you go to a control room where you see many smaller screens, routers, feeding live footage that the Directors cut and piece together to give you the seamless news you expect from CNN, even with breaking news stories. 


You’ll learn how teleprompters work and have fun watching a volunteer disappear with a green screen effect.   You’ll see the giant I-pad like interactive screens that news anchors now use to spice up the broadcasts.

You’ll also see real studios—sometimes broadcasting and sometimes in between shows—where robocams, sets, and lighting create the backdrop for anchors to read off their queued scripts.


Perhaps the most awe-inspiring part of the tour is when you look down from a glassed in perch to see the two halves of the newsroom.  It is enormous, with one side occupied by cubicle squeezed next to cubicle of the news gatherers, while on the other side of the room a comparable army of writers and editors is churning out the scripts.  

Tours are conducted 7 days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM, each tour lasting 50 minutes.  Tickets are required.  Visit the CNN Tour web pages to purchase tickets .

Or, use Atlanta’s CityPASS or a discounted admission. 

CNN Studios

190 Marietta St NW

Atlanta, Georgia


Photos courtesy of CNN.









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