Adobe Grand Villas Review - Opulence and luxury amidst the desert


Majestic is one word that comes to mind in the bathrooms


Perhaps it’s time to step into that divine experience, deep in the warmth and comfort of a luxurious Villa nestled in the Red Rocks of Sedona.

The Adobe Grand Villas sends out a siren call to unwind in unabated luxury that is hard to resist. Opulence, warmth, intricacy and charm are the words that flow to mind upon entering it’s beautiful chambers.



Uncompromising attention to detail reveals itself in every room and feature of the Adobe Grand Villa experience. Sumptuous king beds, walk-in waterfall showers, jetted tubs and fireplaces, an intimate spa and heated pool.



The lavish artistry and attention to detail 
is evident in every feature, from the extraordinary beds and doors to its one-of-a-kind bathrooms. amenity-rich living spaces with grandiose bathrooms and decadent dressing rooms.


Our sumptuous bedroom


Then there is the wonderful team that runs the Adobe Grand Villas with such meticulous care and warmth that leaves this bed and breakfast unrivaled in my experience.



The Adobe Grand Villa Executive Chef & former New Orleans restaurateur, Michael Merilli aims to pamper with a culinary experience that reveals his mastery in delighting those tastebuds.


Gourmet breakfasts welcomed each morning


We woke up daily with the call of birds that flew by our beautiful villa, along with a 5 course gourmet breakfast that is one meal worth leaving it’s comfortable beds for ! If Paradise was on Earth, the Adobe Grand Villas certainly does reflect it.



Chef Michael prepares a menu that is two pages long and features 13 separate items from grilled shrimp and Andouille brochettes to homemade chocolates. Simply divine !



In addition, for those who prefer the caterings of a personal chef, an intimate romantic dinner for two, can be arranged within the privacy of one’s villa. After all why would one want to leave the chambers of these stunning villas that live up to their name. Simply Grand, extolling both richness and beauty.



There are 15 charming villas in total, each displaying a unique theme with diverse interiors. So the visitor can choose to have a very different experience with each stay.


From the classic luxurious Mediterranean feel, to country gardens, to the feminine French quarter, hardy log cabins and even the more esoteric visionary room, each villa offers a dramatically different stay.



According to Adobe Grand Villas, “The
 villas are thematically rich
in their interior design and stunning artistic expres
sion. Walking from villa to
 villa is like taking a trip to
some of the most cherished vacations spots around the world: Tuscany, Provence, the American West and Southwest. There is even a villa for the guest who loves a contemporary urban-sleek surrounding."



"Beyond the idea of grand, each Villa is individually decorated and themed: Country, Tuscan, Western, Provence, Antique, Mountain Cab- in, and Southwest, where each guest can pick their fantasy. All spaces are artistically appointed with fabulous one-of-a-kind interior design elements. Four hundred-plus count sheets, the finest mattresses, down comforters and elegantly appointed window coverings are additional touches for optimum pampering.”



We drove into Sedona from Phoenix, brimming with high spirits. I had read so much about the Adobe Grand Villas achievements; such as it’s winning numerous prestigious awards including the Traveler’s Choice Award and Conde Naste’s Reader’s Choice Award, that I was both curious and excited to experience it’s allure.



As we entered into the serene desert town, we began to feel the serenity begin to pervade our senses. Shortly after entering the town’s perimeters, we found ourselves on the rustic dirt road that led to the Adobe Grand Villas.  The sense of calm deepened and we relaxed further into the sense of peace that seemed to seal itself  within the confined of this sanctuary.



Emerald green gardens, lit with tangerine, yellow and fuschia blooms displayed their enchanting wiles and drew us languidly into nature’s  arms.



We entered the reception lobby and were greeted by the innkeeper Mary with warmth and attentiveness.  We immediately felt at rest, knowing we would be well taken care of.  



Mary gave us a quick tour of the grounds, notifying us of the daily gourmet breakfast that would be followed by daily appetizers later that afternoon. All these culinary treats are complimentary for guests. The lush lobby area looks upon a pretty fireplace and is a great place to connect with fellow guests. Here, a limitless supply of gourmet coffee, teas and hot chocolate are also offered as a treat for all.



Mary then led us to our personal villa, the TWIN KODY. It lay on the second floor of the double story building and opened up to gorgeous views of the mountains and open skies. It was such a delight to enter the unique abode of the TWIN KODY.



Huge, intricately carved doors that were custom made by Steven Berman (the owner’s son) ,opened to gorgeous, decadent interiors scented with the fragrance of piping, hot cinnamon! Fresh cranberry cinnamon bread had been prepared in the breadmaker and awaited us in the room.




In the quaint kitchen area, we were surprised to find a large, decorative, fruit basket filled with fresh fruits, chocolate and cheese. Next to it lay a greeting card that welcomed us to the Adobe Grand Villas, as if designed to spoil us in ways unexpected. This was just one example of the Villa’s personal touch and care that left such a wonderful impression on us.




We were curious to know more about the history behind this well-designed establishment. Stuart and Ilene Berman, are the owners of the “Four Diamond” bed & breakfast resort. According to the Bermans, this particular resort is a family enterprise that involves their children Sheri and Steven who is a highly talented and acclaimed craftsman. Steve Berman’s designs can be viewed online at




The success of the bed and breakfast reveals the host of gifts that the Bermans are blessed with in the arena of design, construction as well as the management of a luxury resort that appeals to the refined.



When the Bermans conceived the Adoba grand Villas,  they “ envisioned a property that would set the standard in Sedona, exclusively consisting of luxury villas, ranging in size from 850 to 2000 square feet, and unmatched in artistic interior design, state-of-the- art amenities, and exquisite cuisine.”




"The villas are so grand in scale that they have broken re-cords in the B&B and intimate boutique resort world
 for room spaciousness.  Thus “claiming the unique distinction of having the largest guest rooms in Sedona, and most likely in the country—every villa is 850 square feet or larger—the Berman’s named their new luxury B&B resort the Adobe Grand Villas. “



Adobe Grand Villas goes on to share that, “Selected villas come as large as 2,000 square feet where the bath- rooms alone are larger than most large hotel rooms. Although the theme is grand, every Villa is romantically intimate with two fireplaces, one nestled next to the jetted tub and one in the bedroom. Walk-in waterfall showers, an area for quiet dining, fresh-baked bread and a fully stocked refrigerator greet each new guest. Ensuring privacy, each villa has its own entrance and balcony or patio. “



There are also the particular guests who choose a stay in the villas as a creative den, or a weekend getaway to immerse in work within the quiet of the desert.  The ADOBE GRAND VILLAS keeps such guests well-supplied with ample space including a small desk area that we found to be great place to set up our laptop. We were also well-connected and worked efficiently with the high-speed Internet service that is provided in each villa.



Last but not least, we immersed ourselves in the pure deliciousness of the desert. There really was no greater gift at that point that to revel in the incredible calm that we experienced in Sedona.



Red rocks and scenic landscapes abound this romantic destination and the resort itself looks out onto the well-known Sedona rock formations of Coffee Pot Rock, Thunder Mountain, and Cathedral Rock.



Our velvety nights were spent luxuriating in the poolside’s jetted spa that lay next to a fire pit. The nights were lit with an orchestra of stars that seemed to shine ever more brightly, leaving us with memories that would last a lifetime.


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