Venice Beach Review Spectacular Venice Beach

Venice Beach attracts many people both local residences and tourists. There are attracted to colorful history, great food and it’s unique character.

Venice Beach is always filled with people, and mostly by tourists. The beach and its neighborhoods are very animated, most people go for a walk, take photographs, eat and stare at others. The experience is a very musical and relaxed one. 

Venice Beach is bordered by a pedestrian walk where you can find stores of all kinds: clothing, food, music, memories and more. Most of the items I priced seemed reasonable. Many vendor stands are arranged in the open. I got a henna tattoo: There are many artists painting pictures on the walk. If you are hungry or thirsty, do not miss the small restaurants or fast-food places. I found this walk very enjoyable; it is pleasant to walk in a place full of life and color.

There are many things to see like the artists, performers, vendors and more and everyone is having a great time. Cyclists can take advantage of a long cycle track. You will have the opportunity to rent a bicycle at a reasonable price and to go for a ride along the coast. I was surprised by the number of people riding with friends, family or alone.

Many people were jogging and roller bladeing.  In addition, Venice Beach offers several tennis courts and outdoor basket ball courts.  The grounds are surrounded by steps where we can sit down, and everyone can come to play.  In short, you will not be able to be bored!  

The beach in itself is pleasant, it is not too crowded with tourists and each person can have their own space. I did not go swimming but the water was inviting but cold.

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