The Old Yacht Club Inn, Santa Barbara Review – Enjoy a stay with your pet, and make new friends, too.

The Old Yacht Club Inn Exteriors

The Old Yacht Club Inn is a cozy and sweet Bed & Breakfast one block from East Beach in Santa Barbara. It consists of the main Craftsman style house and another charming historic house next door, called Hitchcock House, where we stayed. We’re guessing that Hitchcock was a dog, as the nameplate in front of the building contained a cast of a canine. Guest parking is conveniently located in the rear or plentiful on the street.

The Old Yacht Club Inn Julia Metelmann Suite

Our bedroom, known as the Julia Metelmann Room, was large and bright with windows on two sides. Antique laden, there was a four-poster, king-sized bed that was oh-so-soft and comfortable. Photos filled the walls that we figure were Julia and her family from an earlier time, which created a really homey atmosphere. There was a carafe of brandy on the dresser and cookies every afternoon.

If you’re like us, you love that at B & B’s, you don’t have to go searching for a breakfast place first thing in the morning. At The Old Yacht Club Inn, you just trot into the dining area, and are greeted with warmth and hospitality, along with a fresh, hot cup of coffee. 

The Old Yacht Club Inn Dining Area

Breakfast is available between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m., served with graciousness and smiles from Jasmine. One day they offered delicious French toast, smothered with fresh bananas and strawberries and real maple syrup. Of course, Marilyn went for this sweet treat, while Dennis stuck with the more sensible home-made granola over fresh fruit with yogurt.

The Old Yacht Club Inn Breakfast

On our second morning, the breakfast specialty was their Santa Barbara Omelet, made with cheese, avocado and cilantro. Marilyn opted for a cilantro-free omelet, which arrived hot and fluffy, with croissant and sliced fruit on the side. Loving their granola, Dennis stayed healthy and happy with a repeat from the day before. Their juice this morning was a flavorful combination of mango, pineapple and cranberry.

Every afternoon, there’s a Happy Hour where they serve wine with appetizers, including veggies, crackers and cheese. We missed it the second day, due to too much wine-tasting on the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail.

The Old Yacht Club Inn Happy Hour & Cheese Omelet

Another facet of this B & B’s friendly and relaxed atmosphere is the people you are likely to meet. Our first night at Happy Hour, we met a delightful couple, Nicole & Ryan. We enjoyed sharing stories with them, playing human geography and discussing dinner plans.

The next morning, we sat with them at breakfast and schmoozed away about how we each spent the evening before, trading recommendations of places to eat and visit. We took photos of each other and had a delightful time.

Almost certainly, this wouldn’t have happened at a big, formal hotel, which typically lacks the intimacy we found at The Old Yacht Club Inn. We definitely feel that the people we meet are the best parts of any B & B experience. Many of whom remain friends long afterwards.

Of course, ever since Marilyn wrote her book about dating frogs, she always HAS to ask how women met their “PRINCE.” And what a story Nicole had to tell! She had been in the Navy for 6 years when she met Ryan, a career Naval Pilot, in a bar in Japan, of all places – and immediately decided not to go back home. They got married instead!

Now living in Southern California, Ryan is protecting our country and Nicole is seeking a career in show business, while caring for their children. Marilyn was all too happy to give her some Hollywood tips, but we have a feeling Nicole will do just great on her own.

Rare Species Found at Zoo

We walked to the Santa Barbara Zoo from The Old Yacht Club Inn and stopped for refreshments at the East Beach Café on the way back. This facility is right on the beach and has an interesting menu and even more interesting clientele, comprised mostly of locals of all ages and backgrounds.

Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens

Right off the Freeway, The Old Yacht Club Inn is convenient to reach and only a few minutes from downtown Santa Barbara. While in downtown, try to visit the Museum of Art, the incredible Santa Barbara County Courthouse Tower, the Red Tile Walking Tour and the Moreton Fig Tree. We’ve seen them all. Also, if it’s not too late in the season, a plant that has not been seen in over 60 years has re-appeared at the Botanical Gardens (up the road from the Mission) as a result of the clearing effects of last year’s forest fires. Pretty exciting for those fauna lovers amongst us. We loved it.

Santa Barbara is a beautiful place to visit; we love to keep going back. They call it the “American Rivera” for good reason. The Old Yacht Club Inn is a cozy Bed & Breakfast sharing the essence of charm and beauty that this radiant locale offers.

The Old Yacht Club Inn
431 Corona Del Mar Drive
Santa Barbara CA 93103-3601


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