San Diego - An Endless Vacation

San Diego provides limitless opportunities for families that are looking for new ways to spend their vacation. It does not matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find something for everyone in San Diego.


If you are visiting San Diego with the entire family I would say Paradise Point Resort & Spa is the one destination that is going to allow you to actually enjoy your family. This 44-acre island is hidden away on Mission Bay and it takes you away from all the distractions of everday life and lets you focus on fun, enjoying the outdoors and your family.

Cozy bungalows

Your kids might get to experience some things that they have never had the chance to enjoy and you might find that it brings your family a little closer. You are going to find at Paradise Point there are more things to do than there are hours in the day. Combine all the fun with the tropical background and it really makes you feel like you are in another world.

Luxurious room

The days are going to be a blur as you are going to find yourself always with something fun to do. If you are looking for a fun way to be competitive with the kids, you can give the 18-hole putting course a challenge. Then you can always take a tour of the grounds by bike, either solo or on a fun family bike that can seat an entire group. Paradise Point also has tennis courts, a basketball court, water sports, if you want to experience it, you probably can. I’m not sure how much actual swimming you will do, but there are five pools, and for those of you who need a break from the kids, there is an adult only pool. If you want to take a little bit of a walk or a very short ride, SeaWorld is literally minutes away across the road from Paradise Point. What a treat to have two such fabulous spots so close to each other, someone did a nice job of planning that.

Putting in paradise

You do not have to leave the resort grounds when it comes time to eat as you have a number of fantastic options. If you want to enjoy a first-class restaurant with a menu that is on par with most fine dining restaurants then Baleen is perfect for you. For a more casual dining experience there is the Barefoot Bar and Grill. The more laid back dining experience offers up everything from burgers to pasta and assortment of sandwiches. The food, while being more for the casual diner, still was prepared in first-class fashion. If you are going to have breakfast out, there is no better experience than sitting outside on the deck just off the water, taking in the ocean breeze and enjoying the surrounding setting. When it comes time for dessert both restaurants have some very nice choices but I would hold off. Stop by the store and pick up one of the smores kits and head to the firepits by the beach. You have everything you need in the kit and what could be more fun than sitting by the fire with the entire family and making smores under the stars. A truly tasty and fun time will be had by all. Paradise Point is one vacation that you don’t have to worry about how much you eat because you have so many opportunities to get moving that you are going to burn off all of those calories with all the activities that are offered.

A day at the beach

When you are finally ready to lay your head down on that pillow, you are going to find stunning rooms that are anything but a bungalow. There are over 460 rooms to choose from and they have a wide ranging assortment so that whatever your budget is, you can find a room to your liking.

The staff performing


The one restaurant in San Diego regardless of age that everyone in the entire family will enjoy is the Corvette Diner. This 1950’s themed diner has the classic settings that will take you back to a different time. The Corvette Diner has made sure that everything in the diner keeps you in that era, they have the soda station, they have a d.j. spinning records and the waiters and waitresses are completely dolled out in 1950’s attire. If the fifties are not to your liking, the Corvette Diner actually has room for those with a little hippy in them with a sixties based room and for those of you longing for the disco era they have a seventies room.

Fried pickles

Having a good time is a given at the Corvette Diner, but don't forget about the food. The first thing that you will notice regardless of what you order the portions are gigantic and the prices aren't. They offer a great assortment of original burgers, the one that will give you a little kick and a lot of flavor is the California Dreamin', which has guacamole, green chilis and pepper jack cheese. This is not just a burger joint, as the Corvette Diner has some other great sandwiches such as the Blackened Salmon Sandwich and they also serve up some great platters including a fantastic plate of fish tacos that fits the San Diego setting perfectly. This is a 50's themed diner so make sure that you get something from the soda fountain to go along with your eats. They make anything and everything, ranging from the Elvis-PB-Banana-Marshmallow to my personal favorite the Orang'sicle. Not only are the shakes tasty but they give you the mixing container with what did not fit in your glass, it is almost like a two-for-one.  One last tip, make sure that you try the deep fried pickles. I know, it probably sounds a little odd, but they are so tasty you won't be able to eat just one.

Vintage setting

Once you are done dining, it is time for a little more fun, this time out of your seat. The Corvette Diner has a huge arcade in the back with some of the most current arcade games to go along with some of the classic favorites like skeetball. The Corvette Diner also has a variety of rooms that are great for private parties and they will make sure you are not bored. They have a great number of different party packages, but the one that will really get everyone going is the "Shake It Up Baby." This allows you the chance to dress up in some great 1950's costumes and the staff will teach you some great dances. This will be a party you will never forget.



SeaWorld historically has been the place to visit on a family trip to San Diego, and that certainly has not changed over the years. Animals, rides, shows and even fireworks, SeaWorld gives you so much entertainment, you are going to have a hard time fitting it all in one day.


Currently at SeaWorld they have the Shamu Show: Believe, which should be first on your list as you make your way into the park. Set to music and combining with multi-media, this show gives you a chance to see the amazing abilities of this group of whales. The other show that will keep you laughing is the Sea Lions LIVE show. These Sea Lions are just hilarious as the show has great takes on "American Idol" and many, many more pop culture items.

SeaWord also allows you the chance to explore the animal world with all of the exhibits including: the Penquin Encounter, the Shark Encounter and many more. They also allow you to get up close and personal with the Dolphin Interaction, a great opportunity to actually touch, feed and learn to communicate with the dolphins.

Those are just a few of the places that you can visit to make sure you have a fabulous vacation, but there are so many more spots that will complete your trip. The Gaslamp Quarter has a long history and with the recent redevelopment of downtown, this area can literally make for an entire day of experiences of dining, shopping and entertainment. During the summer you can take in a Padres game at one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country, PETCO Park. Stop at Acqua Al 2 after the game for some great Italian food and you just might run into a Padre or two. Legoland is opening a water park this summer to give you another great family option. Last but not least is the world famous San Diego Zoo. You just can't leave San Diego without experiencing all that the zoo has to offer. A few days is not enough, I would say make an entire week of it and San Diego won't disappoint you.

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