Palm Springs Desert Modernism Tour – Day Four – PS I Love You

I am sad that this will be my final day luxuriating in the Springs, but I am elated that I have gotten to experience most of what this destination has to offer. There is so much more that I didn’t have time to explore, but that just makes for a great excuse to come back!

Inside of the Riviera Resort and Spa

Massive chandeliers adorn Circa 59

My final breakfast with my tour mates took place at the Riviera Resort and Spa’s ultra chic signature restaurant Circa 59. Before making our way to Circa 59, which is located towards the rear of the hotel, overlooking the patio and pool areas, we had the sensory delight of the $70 million renovated resort. One word that came to my mind when stepping through the glass doors was BOLD, all capital letters. Color, Class, and Cutting-edge were other adjectives that arose as I marveled the giant lighting fixtures that ranged from sculpture-like contraptions to eye-popping chandeliers. Mirrored walls reflecting jeweled encrusted portraits bordered the long corridor leading to the rear of the hotel. One area even displayed a pool table flanked by plush lounging chairs. I could only imagine what the rooms were like!

One of the sitting areas that line the walkway at the Riviera (l), and tour mates from Australia, Tim and Michelle (r)

Nice pool table at the Riviera

Circa 59 has a feel of being in your face sexy. This is the type of venue you want to visit in your LBD (Little, Black Dress) and stilettos for the women; and sleek, modern suit for the men. If fashion had a hotel and restaurant, Riviera and its places to dine would be it. In the dining area where we ate, we were given a clear view of the pool area, which was a bit of contrast from the bold sexiness of the inner regions of the hotel.  The patio area, although vibrant, was more resort in its aesthetics with cool cabana areas surrounding the massive pool.  For some reason, I think everything at the Rivera was just a tad bit larger than you would see anywhere else.

Pool area of the Riviera

Private Cabana's near the pool at the Riviera

For breakfast, I opted for the Almond French Toast with cinnamon butter and warm buttery syrup, Scrambled Eggs, Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes, and savory Turkey Sausage. My favorite was the French Toast that had a bit of a crispy texture.

Egg breakfast with Potatoes and Turkey Sausage (l), and Almond French Toast (r)

Huevos Rancheros (r), and Yogurt Parfait (l)

The Riviera is a place that I would definitely like to invest more time in getting acquainted with on my next visit.  With that said, it was time to go and visit the home of Mr. Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra's home, Twin Palms

The Twin Palms Estates, as it is known, was designed by E. Stewart Williams in 1947 for Frank Sinatra and his first wife, Nancy Barbato. Seemingly modest in location, this 4,500 square foot home embodies all the glamour of an era when the Rat Pack seemed to rule the town. Featuring a piano-shaped pool and a circular driveway, I could only imagine the cars that pulled into this estate and the old Hollywood celebrities that flanked around the pool on a warm, summer’s night. A fun tidbit shared by our home tour guide surrounds a chip in one of the bathroom sinks. The story behind the chip is that Frank threw a bottle when his then wife Ava Gardner appeared at the house in an attempt to catch him cheating with ex-girlfriend Lana Turner. Some things will never change, right ladies? Although the original furnishings of the home have been replaced, a large record player in the living area is an original.

Twin Palms

Inside the bedroom at Mr. Sinatra's estate

The Palm Springs Preservation Foundation hosts a variety of viewing events at homes such as Twin Palms.  It is the foundations mission “to educate and promote public awareness of the importance of preserving the historical resources and architecture of the City of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley area.” The estate is available for rentals through Beau Monde Villas and I am thinking of how I can rent it out now!

Master bedroom (r) and Maid's Quarter bedroom (l)

Well, as they say, “That’s all folks!” I truly had a remarkable time visiting Palm Springs over the course of four days. Everyone was kind and very accommodating and I will definitely have to return soon!  PS, I love you!

For information on the destinations mentioned, please view the following Websites:

Riviera Resort and Spa –
Palm Springs Preservation Foundation –
Beau Monde Villas –

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