Newport Beach - Take Your Vacation Beyond The Beach

Newport Beach is legendary for its stunning beaches, million dollar homes and dazzling boats; as a vacation destination, you can experience what it's like to live the high life, enjoying hip and trendy shops, deciding which cool restaurant to dine at. But, turn the corner and you will see this is also a charming, cozy town with neighborhoods that also give it an old-fashioned, classic feel.

John Wayne's former home on Newport Beach

A neck turning experience at times, you don’t know which way to look as you make your way through Newport Beach. From the amazing view of the ocean, that seems more pristine than most other beaches, to the houses that seemingly just top each other in decadence and beauty, to the boats that take on a life of their own. 

Cottages at Crystal Cove

The first place you should either visit or plan to stay to get a true feel for the history and beauty of Newport Beach, is the Crystal Cove State Park. Not only do you have a picturesque setting, but the cottages are right on the beach and they have been restored and are avaliable for rent. This is one of the better deals in Newport Beach and you will spend your vacation right on the beach. The Beachcomber Cafe could possibly have the most stunningly beautiful location in all of Newport Beacht to dine at. Set at the bottom of Crystal Cove, just feet off of the ocean, you get that perfect ocean breeze, the sounds of waves crashing in and a view that should have its own price on the menu. A little tip about Crystal Cove you might not be aware of is that they have some some amazing scuba diving spots.

Filet Mignon Chilaquiles at the Beachcomber

Balboa Island is another great spot that you could spend the entire day visiting. Balboa Island is filled with quaint shops, plenty of outdoor activities and just a small town, relaxed feel to it.  There are a number of great restaurants in the area, but fitting with the small town feel, you must visit Wilma's Patio, you will feel like you are in someones kitchen as they bring you out a farm sized plate of food. Once you finish your day walking around Balboa Island, you must try a Balboa Bar. This vanilla ice cream on a stick is dipped in chocolate sauce and covered with pretty much whatever you like. Now comes the interesting part as Dad's Donuts and Sugar 'n Spice have been in a long battle as to which one actually invented the Balboa Bar. There is only one tasty solution, try both and decide for yourself.

Presidential Suite at The Island Hotel

If you are looking for the more standard hotel setting, the Island Hotel gives you the hotel, but everything is more than just standard. The Island Hotel took its name to heart by creating a true island feeling as you enter the hotel, with a very hidden oasis feel as you make your way into the back by the pool. In addition, the Island Hotel seems to be continuously upgrading everything in the hotel, beginning with the rooms. You will find a wide variety of beautiful rooms and whichever type of room you choose, you will be treated with amazing customer service throughout the hotel, as they try to give you the ultimate stay. Not only is everything first-class throughout the hotel, but in addition, executive chef Bill Bracken has taken the onsite Palm Terrace Restaurant & Lounge to a level that puts it on par with any fine dining restaurant you will find in Newport Beach. The Island Hotel is a perfect place to spend the weekend, hold a company event or even get married.

When it comes to the luxurious feel of Newport Beach, it seems as if no one is going all out the way that The Resort at Pelican Hill is. Currently you can enjoy the two Tom Fazio designed championship golf courses as well as the tantalizing Pelican Grill. What is coming could be the pinnacle of the vacation experience. Opening November 26th will be 128 villas and 204 bungalow and bungalow suites that really are unmatched anywhere on the West Coast. The villas offer you two, three and four-bedroom homes that are available for daily rental and they offer such a wide assortment of personalized options, you can really be as pampered as you want.

The perfect view at the Pelican Grill

Newport Beach is more intricate than you might imagine and if you have the time, and if you don’t you should make the time, there are a few options when it comes to taking a tour and getting a better feel for the history and beauty that go along with this complex city. The Duffy boat is a great way to take your own self-guided tour of the bay, allowing you to take in a view of some amazing boats and houses that have a price tag that will amaze you, along the way you might also come across a sea lion taking a nap on somebody’s pier and you can get a great view of a few of the eight islands that complete Newport Beach. Boat Rentals of American have made the trip incredibly simple, they have a great map that guides you along and lets you know what you should be looking for and to make your afternoon complete, they have teamed up with the Cannery Restaurant so that you can order an appetizer for your boat ride in advance. You just pull up to the pier and your food will be waiting for you, you just need to supply your own wine to make for a perfect day.

Balboa Belly Bomber at Wilma's Patio

Whether you are going to spend a weekend or a week, Newport Beach is a destination that allows you to have the beach experience and so much more. There are no limits as to what you can see, experience and eat while you are in Newport Beach, while also getting the chance to take in both man-made and mother natures beauty.

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