M Resort Spa & Casino Review – Taking You to the Edge of Vegas

The M Resort has taken all the allure of Las Vegas and nudged it to the edge of town providing gamblers with a more relaxed and intimate feel while still giving you all the beauty that you expect from a Las Vegas resort. Gambling, glamour, glitz and more await you you at the M.

The M Resort Spa & Casino

The stunning appearance of the M should not come as a surprise, as this was the brainchild of Anthony A. Marnell III, Chairman and CEO of the M Resort and his father, architect Tony Marnell, Chairman of Marnell Corrao Associates, which was responsible for a number of projects in Las Vegas, including the Wynn. Design and beauty were not the end of what the Marnell vision was, it goes much further, including first class service and anything and everything that you could want in Vegas.

The rooms at the M are not only stunning at first glance, but they have some unique qualities that separate them from the rest of Las Vegas. The first thing you will notice as you open your door is the window goes from ceiling to floor, there really is just one window on each side of the M as that window is the entire side of the building. Make sure to request the side overlooking Las Vegas, at night you are not going to find a better view of all the lights and flash that is Las Vegas. The rooms vary in size from 550 to 2,400 square feet and the favorite part of the room other than the view is the bathroom. You have a separate shower and bathtub and they also put in an inlaid mirror television, a very cool touch.

The plus bed at the M

This is Vegas so gaming is going to be on your mind and the M offers nearly 1,900 of the latest and greatest in slot machines. In addition they offer poker and every other table game you can think of, but the extra little touch that the M added is that they keep the dealers at one specific table for one month at a time. For those of you who feel comfortable playing with a specific dealer you will know where to find them, but honestly the M has probably the nicest and most courteous dealers around, they all make you feel right at home. On the casino floor another little bonus you will find is they have three self-serve soft drink beverage stations. You just walk by and grab a cup and drink up, no need to worry about finding a waitress or going to the bar if you just want something quick. You don’t have to worry about the service though, not only does the M have the most beautiful group of waitresses in Las Vegas, and that is not an exaggeration, but they are all charming and they make sure that you are well taken care of. When you are gambling the last thing you want to worry about is service or getting a drink and at the M you will never have to give either one a second thought.

Veloce Cibo

In between gambling you are going to want to eat and the M offers nine restaurants, so if you can’t find something here, you just can’t be that hungry. Veloce Cibo is a must-visit when you get to the M, located on the 16th floor the view of Vegas from Veloce really can only be rivaled by that of The Top of the World at the Stratosphere. Veloce offers a great assortment of sushi and the chicken breast with black truffle sauce simply is one of the best chicken dishes you will find anywhere. The Studio B Show Kitchen Buffet was created along the lines of the recent decadent Las Vegas buffets that leave you thinking this is anything but a buffet. A few of the other restaurants at the M include; Terzetto, a steak and seafood restaurant with an oyster bar and Marinelli’s, which serves authentic Italian dishes. The one thing you will find with all of the restaurants at the M is that the service is impeccable.

Sushi at Veloce


The "M" martini

When you are done eating and gambling and it is time to relax, the M has plenty of options for you. Spa Mio has 23,000 square feet of treatment area that you can get any type of treatment you are looking for, from doing your hair and nails to a massage and several other original treatments. Right next to Spa Mio was one of my favorite parts the M, the gym. A great place to work off your indulgences, the gym has the latest in equipment to make sure you get the workout that you want. A visit to the pool is also on your list of things to do when you come to Vegas and the M put together a great setting for you to enjoy the sun in. You actually have two options, an adult pool and the every age pool. The adult pool is not over the top, but it is just more secluded and will allow you to have a bit more fun than the regular pool, a great place to hang out if you came with a group of friends. The other side actually has two pools side-by-side for everyone to enjoy and my favorite part is that right in between the two pools they have cabanas. How fun is that, you get to hang out in your cabana while your feet are dangling in the water, what a way to enjoy your day.

Keeping cool in the pool

The one issue I have heard about the M Resort is that they have a twenty-five dollar resort fee for each night you stay. Normally I would have an issue with this, but you get free use of the gym, free internet, the beverage stations as well as free shuttles from the airport. If you add all those up and compare that to what you would be charged at other resorts in Las Vegas, this is a deal.

I would give the M Resort a try if you are looking for a place that gives you all of the beauty of the finest casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard while not putting you right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that makes Las Vegas a bit overwhelming at times.

Slots galore

For more information on the M Resort and to make reservations, visit:
www.theMresort.com or call (877) 673-7678


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