Knott's Berry Farm Review - America's First Theme Park!

America’s first theme park since 1920, Knott’s Berry Farm, is one of Southern California’s greatest attractions! My family and I had the chance to visit the theme park for my brother’s twentieth birthday and we had a wonderful time!

America’s first theme park since 1920, Knott’s Berry Farm, is one of Southern California’s greatest attractions!

When we I arrived at Knott’s Berry Farm we could see all the different roller coasters towering over us. We were stoked to see them all because we are huge roller coaster lovers. We didn’t know what to ride to go on first!

We decided to take on Boomerang first. This scream machine roller coaster took us on a ride of pure twists and upside down turns. Once we thought it was over, the coaster took us all over again but backwards! It was awesome!

The Boomerang

once I saw the Supreme Scream towering sky high, I was a little chicken. The Supreme Scream is one of the world’s tallest thrill attractions. Within seconds, we were propelled straight up in the sky, 254 feet! Within three seconds we were dropped going fifty miles per hour! I felt my stomach in my throat! If you don’t like heights or being dropped faster than you can say the rides name, don’t even think about it. However, if you love the thrill and are ready for a challenge, take on this sky-high ride!

A view from above

Once we left Supreme Scream we needed a bit of a break and wanted to go on a subtler ride. We ran into the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars and we couldn’t resist! We had a blast bumping each other around the track!

These coasters are fast!

After the bumper cars, my family and I spoke to a few patrons at the park and they had some recommendations for us. They advised us that we had to definitely go on Jaguar and Montezooma’s Revenge. These ride are a favorite of many people who are regulars of the park.

Some of the best coasters around!

Jaguar! is built in a mysterious ancient temple that takes you through the park on a ferocious journey. Everyone loved this ride. This is one of those coasters that is fun for everyone in the family! Next was Montezooma’s Revenge. This ride is just as fun as Jaguar! Within three seconds you are shot from 0 to 55 through seven-story loops! These coasters are no joke my friends. Take them on and have a blast!


Another favorite coaster of ours was GhostRider. GhostRider is known to be one the longest and tallest wooden roller coasters in the world. This coaster is super fast, super twisty with many drops. Be careful or you might lose your lunch on this one!

These coasters will spin your head around!

We rode every ride at Knott’s Berry Farm and they were awesome! We experienced soaring speed, many thrills, and too much fun! I’d recommend Knott’s Berry Farm to any family looking to have a lot of fun!

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