Hotel Elysee Review – Mad Men Package

Hotel Elysee

The Hotel Elysee is located in one of Manhattan’s most desirable neighborhoods, on East 54th street between Madison and Park Avenue within walking distance of some of the best shopping, cultural and popular attractions the city offers. It’s a dreamy taste of “old New York”, elegant and luxurious, a timeless classic. The hotel offers the grace and refinement of a bygone era, built in the 1920’s and named after a famous French restaurant, it was once a playground for the rich and eccentric. The gracious refinement found there may be the reason it has been so popular and played home to many movie stars, artists, writers, and intellectuals.

I was captivated during my stay at the Hotel Elysee it was for me the embodiment of every old movie I’d ever seen about Manhattan. Full of all the style, luxury, and romance I’ve ever fantasized about. For those hopeful romantics out their like me the Hotel Elysee is now offering a very special package designed to set ablaze romance and imagination. It’s called the Mad Men Package and is named after the hit television show Mad Men. After the hotel was mentioned on AMC’s award winning show there have been countless people coming into the hotel to look around and have drinks at the famous Monkey Bar. This interest sparked the hotel into creating a package full of roses, chocolates, luxury and cocktails all paying homage to the show and the Hotel Elysee.

Hotel ELysee - Lobby

So join with me for a moment and imagine you’re stepping back to the 60’s and walking right behind Dan Draper as he strolls through the hotel’s lobby after a hard day at the fictional Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices in Midtown Manhattan, hot in pursuit of a cocktail at the Monkey Bar.

The famous Monkey Bar

You enter the bar and as your eyes adjust to the dim lights you notice the whimsical murals on the walls of various cartoon monkeys imbibing themselves with delicious cocktails. You sit down at the bar a few stools away as Dan orders his drink. Of course he would have to be drinking a Manhattan; although you could indulge in any one of their famous retro cocktails like an Original Martini or perhaps a Sidecar. You loosen your skinny tie or smooth with your glove clad hand a non existing wrinkle out of your full skirt. Your drink arrives and you take a long slow sip of perfection.

Whimsical Murals in the Monkey Bar

Don’t stop now you’re not finished yet. You slip off the stool and leave Dan and the monkeys at the bar. Wandering back into the lobby you hear the elevator doors open, you hurry inside and push the button of your floor. You get off the elevator and open the door to your hotel suite. Or should I say your new (much better than home), home while you are in Manhattan. You step into the entryway of your suite and your breath catches in amazement at how grand and beautiful everything is. You notice on the dining room table your Mad Men Package: a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen red roses, a bottle of bubbly, chocolates, strawberries, a coupon for two drinks at the Monkey Bar or in your suite, 10% off your dinner check at the restaurant attached to the Monkey Bar and a note of welcome from the hotel management. You’ve definitely come home to where you belong, living a sophisticated Mad Men life of elegance and luxury.

Mad Men Package

When I walked into my suite at the Hotel Elysee, I could have sworn I’d died and became a princess. Everything was perfect and beautiful. It was much more than a suite it was as if I had my own apartment in Manhattan, with room service.

Royal Suite - Piano area

The main room of the suite was separated by its seating arrangements: the dining room with a table to sit six, was joined onto the living room with a fireplace on one side and a large LCD TV on the other. Off of that was the music room, a baby grand piano with enough room to sit around and enjoy an impromptu concert and joining that a work area with a large desk. The bedroom was lavishly decorated with murals, which hid a wall of closets, fine fabrics draped everywhere, a sitting area and with a vanity. The adjoining bathroom was made of marble, featuring a separate spacious walk in shower with a sitting bench, a detached very deep bathtub and amazing lighting. When I wrote about an entryway to the suite I wasn’t exaggerating. You walk into an entry and off to the left is a large coat closet, off to the right a separate full kitchen. The only thing I could have asked for was a year’s lease and a butler but I really didn’t need the butler because like I said there was room service and housekeeping who came in for a nightly turn down service. I was one happy pretend princess during my stay at Hotel Elysee.

Royal Suite - Fireplace

Exactly like my stay at the Casablanca Hotel (link) I was spoiled with the quality of customer service at the Hotel Elysee which I received from the staff. They were attentive, friendly and extremely helpful. I also loved the continental breakfast and nightly wine and cheese reception. I was so pampered I wasn’t even allowed to carry my own drinks to my table which by the way had a sweet view overlooking the posh Manhattan neighbor the hotel is a part of.

Marble Bathroom

Hotel Elysee is a member of HK Hotels with three other sister properties in Manhattan, Hotel Giraffe, The Library Hotel and The Casablanca Hotel each one as their names imply are theme decorated. The Hotel Elysee with 103 rooms and suites, offers both the charm and intimacy of a European Country Inn coupled with the comfort and service of a Luxury Hotel. It is an award winning hotel and has been consistently touted as one of New York’s best hotels, it was named “Best Small New York Hotel” by Travel & Leisure Magazine, and “Best Romantic Hotel” by Best of City Search 2003 and 2006. Like its sister hotel The Casablanca, The Elysee is also consistently ranked as one of the top ten hotels on As with all HK Hotels, The Hotel Elysee offers their signature amenities which include high speed internet access, continental breakfasts, evening wine and cheese receptions, 24 hour cookies, coffee and tea service in the clubroom, 24 hour concierge, evening turndown services, NY Sports Club day pass, business services – computer/internet and printer, newspaper, magazines, DVD library and books.

Royal Suite Dining Room

I can’t speak highly enough of my experiences at both the Casablanca Hotel and Hotel Elysee. HK Hotels truly care about their guests and their comfort; they definitely know the business of hospitality and execute it perfectly. With so many choices of hotels in a city such as New York they make it a priority to stay on top and offer many different styles of accommodations and price points, ensuring there is one that will fit in with every budget and need of today’s traveler.

Royal Suite - Bedroom

I have only one hotel wish that wasn’t fulfilled at the Hotel Elysee and that was to move in permanently. Otherwise it was a magical princess stay in the charming Hotel Elysee and on the enchanted isle of Manhattan. The End.

Hotel Elysee

60 East 54th Street,

New York, NY, 10022


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