Horizon Air Review - New Non-Stops to Mammoth Mountain

Horizon Air offers new non-stop flights to Mammoth Mountain from Los Angeles, Reno and San Jose

Recently, I was invited by Lawrence Davis, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of LA Splash Magazine to cover a weekend of festivities at Mammoth Mountain. Since Mammoth is California's premier ski and snowboarding resort, I didn't hesitate. The best part was, we flew up to Mammoth on Horizon Air. Gone is the five to seven hour drive from Los Angeles, you're up and down and skiing in three hours. That's right, Christmas just came early.

Mammoth Mountains furry and friendly mascot "Wooly"

We took Super Shuttles XPRESS service from The Valley and got to LAX with plenty of time to spare. We were dropped off, got our boarding passes through Horizon Airs self-service computer check-in (only about two minutes if there isn't a line). Then a brief security check and on to our gate where we were greeted by "Wooly”, Mammoth Mountains furry and friendly mascot. Also waiting for us was a table filled with an assortment of bagels, cream cheese, hot coffee and orange juice. They really make you feel at home. We boarded the plane and we were up, up and away to the fresh snow waiting for us in Mammoth.

The scenic view of the Sierras from the plane

We flew on the inaugural flight of the season on the green (literally) eco-friendly plane. The 76-passenger Bombardier-400 prop plane is comparable to the CRJ-700 jet aircraft (which only holds 70 people). The green Bombardier not only holds more passengers, but also burns 30% less fuel and puts out 30% less carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Good job!

Horizon Airs green eco-friendly Bombardier Q-400

For a two-hour flight, the travel time is only about a fifteen-minute difference. From Los Angeles, Reno and San Jose, the difference is negligible. You actually don't even notice the time while your enjoying the spectacular and breathtaking view from high above The Sierras. If the view isn't enough, you can while away the hour reading Horizon Airs own complimentary in-flight Magazine.

Let them eat cake! Horizon Air had a dessert table waiting for us when we arrived in Mammoth. Now that's service

Just so you know, Horizon has recently implemented a $15 service charge for every checked bag. It's a small price to pay for the service and most other airlines have already been charging a fee for years. Not only is Horizon one of the last carriers to charge for luggage, a lot of other airlines have actually increased their fees.

The entrance to Mammoth Mountains new Airport

Don't expect a meal or a movie on the flight, because you're whisked to the mountain in less than an hour, (fifty-five minutes to be exact). What you will get, is friendly service and a quick trip to Mammoth. (complimentary beer and wine which is unheard of on any other carrier unless you're traveling in first class. Horizon Air has recently added roundtrip flights from Los Angeles to Mammoth and brand new routes from Reno and San Jose. To learn more about pricing, schedules and other routes, go to Horizon Airs website at www.HorizonAir.com/

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