Encore Las Vegas Review - A Metamorphosis of Las Vegas

Encore is anything but your ordinary everyday Las Vegas. More so than anyone else, Steve Wynn knows how to give you Las Vegas, and with Encore, he has managed to give it to  you while also taking you away from the hustle and bustle that Las Vegas has become. The creative minds of Mr. Wynn and his design team have paired Encore with his first masterpiece, the Wynn, to give you a whimsical and imaginative experience that will keep you coming back time and time again.

The Atrium at Encore

What the Wynn did to bring a sense of elegance and class back to Las Vegas, Encore took that and added an amazing combination of color schemes featuring vibrant reds to go along with a brightness brought on by natural lighting that you won’t find in any other casino. While the Wynn and Encore are both an original, what each has is an unparralled committment to the guest. Mr. Wynn gives you a sense of feeling special when you enter the Wynn and Encore as his employees always go above and beyond what you expect and they always do it with a smile. 

Encore is one of those rare properties that no matter how many times you walk through, you can almost always find something new that you did not notice the last time you were there. This was no simple undertaking as Roger Thomas, executive vice president of Wynn Design and Development, literally crossed the globe searching out stunning and original pieces to complete the interior of Encore. Each room and every piece has a story of its own and while being original, Thomas was able to blend these pieces all together in a seamless transition throughout the casino.

Encore Resort King Suite

Throughout Encore you will find butterflies in every direction as the gracefulness and vibrant colors are the true theme behind Encore. The metamorphosis carries over from the life of the butterfly to not only the Encore transforming into a new lifestyle, but as each person who enters the front door also transforms. Beauty, color, originality and transformation that all add up to a meaningful explanation of the hundreds of butterflies you will come across at Encore.

As important to Encore as the interior design is how they bring the outside beauty to your stay. The Encore went away from the standard casino that makes you feel as if you are in a dark and dreary setting. Encore brought the sun into as many areas as possible, with colossal glass windows placed throughout the casino. In addition to the uplifting feeling this provides, it also provides the perfect setting for the thousands of live flowers and trees that add to the beauty of the interior of Encore.

At the WynnMr. Wynn put together a group of restaurants and chefs that set a new standard for dining under one roof. The level of dining at Encore certainly lives up to the standard set by the Wynn by bringing in another group of amazing chefs that pair with restaurants that are as much of a delight to the eyes as they are to the taste buds. The other amazing part of every restaurant, is that whether you know fine dining like the back of your hand or you stare at a menu like it is a foreign language to you, the restaurant staff will not only assist you, and they truly know the menu so intricately that they always seem to know what direction to guide you so that you have a fabulous dining experience.

Sinatra – This restaurant is all Italian and all Frank Sinatra as it came about from the friendship between the late Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Wynn. The modern Italian dishes from Chef Theo Schoenegger are all labeled in Italian on the menu, adding a nice touch. As beautiful as the interior is, the garden surrounding the outside dining area will dazzle you even more so.

Botero at Encore

BoteroChef Mark LoRusso has every type of steak you could possibly want and he serves them traditionally, as a pepper steak or his own chimichurri flavoring. In addition you will find some great surf and turf dishes and the can’t miss side dish, is the truffle macaroni and cheese.
Switch – The name says it all with Switch, as the walls and ceiling change to give you three different experiences while you dine. This was  Mr. Wynn taking a restaurant and joining it with a theater concept.  Chef Marc Poidevin makes sure that the walls are not the only reason to visit Swtich, as he delivers a of menu ranging from steaks to seafood to a perfectly prepared Colorado lamb chop.

Wazuzu – The first thing you will notice about this restaurant and you can see it from half-way across the casino floor, is the glorious 27-foot crystal dragon, an amazing piece of beauty. Once you are inside Wazuzu, Chef Jet Tila’s menu will offer up a variety of sushi equal to the size of that dragon on the wall, as well as some of the most unique dishes you will find in Las Vegas.

The Spectacular Entrance to the Spa

Society Café – This is a bit more of a casual dining experience, but the menu of Chef Kim Canteenwalla is certainly not. The design is an ode to Oscar Wilde and you will find three completely different and equally eye-catching sections to dine in. 

XS The Nightclub at Encore

To make your nightlife experience as enticing as the rest of your stay, Encore did not mess with success as  Mr. Wynn once again teamed up with Victor Drai to follow up Wynn’s Tryst with what is an even more stunning club, XS. The 40,000 square foot club allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the illuminated outdoor pool, and XS also offers poolside lounge tables. If the night club scence is not what you are looking for, Mr. Wynn has brought Danny Gans back to work with him and the award-winning entertainer will be headlining the Encore Theater.

If you can find the time and you certainly should, the Spa at Encore is as stunning as it is relaxing. The Asian-inspired paintings and statues are a sight to behold and while any of the 51 treatement rooms will take care of your body, the setting is one that will take care of your mind.

Encore presents a majestic beauty that takes itself well beyond the glitter of Las Vegas, taking what is a true work of art that stands by itself when compared to other resorts not only in Las Vegas but throughout the world.

For more information on Encore, visit: www.encorelasvegas.com

Photos Courtesy of Encore Las Vegas


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