Disneyland and California Adventure Park - "It's Not Too Late To Celebrate"

The party is still going strong in celebration of Disneyland's 50th anniversary.  The surprises and delights keep coming.


Golden Anniversary

My niece Holly came to L.A. to visit me and when I asked her what she wanted to do while she was here, she told me she had never been to Disneyland and would like to go. I was a little amazed that at sixteen she hadn't had the Disney experience. Unsure of my ability to truly show her the park and all its attractions I called in for reinforcements, my friends Rajae - 12 and Briaja - 9.  These two girls are Disney aficionados, they have been to the park more times than I care to count and if they lived in Southern California I think they would be permanent features there. I knew we would be in good hands as we explored the treasures the park had to offer. We packed lunch in a cooler, gathered our sunscreen, sunglasses, and park hopper tickets and off we went.


Disney tour guides

When we arrived we were escorted to the picnic area. A small courtyard just outside of the park equipped with picnic tables, lockers and soda machines. We deposited our belongings in a locker and headed to California Adventure Park.

Once inside the park we had to refer to the map supplied at the entrance. Rajae being the most familiar with both parks and the most mature of us all lead the way. She navigated us around the park like the veteran that she was. Introducing me to features like fast pass. Passes that are distributed through machines at the front of major ride attractions. You slide in your park ticket and receive your ticket back along with a stub telling you to come back to the attraction at a certain time interval i.e. 2:00pm through 3 pm. This cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend waiting in line and allows you to experience more rides throughout the day. All you have to do is keep track of the time you have to be back at the ride, once there at that time you are directed into a special line with a much shorter waiting time.


Fast Pass

The other very useful feature she knew about was child switch. Briaja was intimidated by some of the more adult roller coaster and didn't want to go on them. When this occurred we informed the Disney attendant we wanted to Child switch. We received a special pass, which allowed two of us to go on the ride while one of us waited with the Briaja. Once the ride was finished we switched adults waiting with Briaja and the other was able to ride without any additional wait.

After we had finished with California Adventure Park we went back to the picnic area and had lunch. Fully refreshed we headed over to Disneyland where we closed the park down.


Picnic Area

Disney aficionados Rajae and Briaja have taken on the role of junior journalists and have the following to say about their day park hopping.

Rajae: This year I got to go to both Disneyland and California Adventure Park, it was awesome.

Rajae: First we went into California Adventure where we rode the coolest rollercoaster in history, California Screamin.  I love how it starts out fast then gets faster when you go down hills.  I also loved getting my head stuck when we went on the loop.  I was lucky enough to know how to use the fast-pass machine, so that we didn't have to wait in a big line.  


California Screamin'

The swinging Ferris wheel was so fun.  It swings you so that you think you are going to fall off the edge, then grabs you at the last second and swings the other way.


Tower of Terror

Then we went to some other rides, but I'll only tell you about the best ones.  We decided to go on the Tower of Terror.  I was so nervous because I had never been on it before.  When we got to the top of the line, we were put into groups before entering the elevator.  When inside the elevator we were strapped in and taken to the top of the tower where they told us the story of the haunted hotel.  Right when we least expected it, it dropped us.  My stomach was literally in my throat, I was terrified but loving it at the same time.

After that we went to the Bugs Life theatre were we watched what it is like as a bug. It was really interesting because it's in 3D and you don't only see what its like but also you feel it too.


Terrified Guests

We also went on the Bear River Raft ride where you float down a river and slide down hills and get splashed and if you're lucky, soaked.

After lunch we went into Disneyland.

The first ride we went on was The Pirates of The Caribbean, it was definitely different than the old one but I enjoyed it just as much.  Jack Sparrow had been placed through out the ride.

Then we went to the Haunted Mansion, my favorite part was when you saw the lady in the crystal ball.


Can you find Captain Jack?

After that we made our way over to Splash Mountain, it was cool how it sung to you and even cooler when you went down the slope.


Waiting for fireworks

Later in the evening we went to watch the fireworks. we sat with lot of other people in the middle of main street waiting for the fireworks to begin. They made us stand up when they the fireworks started, they were Spectacular!!

Then we went on the last ride of the night, Autopia.  At Autopia you get to drive your own car around a track specially made so that you can't run off the road.

I had had an unforgettable time and it was all thanks to Disney, Paula, Lawrence - Publisher, and L.A. Splash Magazine.

Briaja: These are just the rides I like.

I went to Disneyland with Paula, Holly, and Rajae.  The day started at California Adventure.  My favorite ride was when it seemed I was flying like a bee.  I was swung around in these chairs while buzzing music played.


Where are we?

The swinging Ferris wheel was fun and I screamed really a lot.

I loved the Grizzly Rapids.  When we got into the boat the park worker told us to put our seatbelts on, my sister made me laugh because she said, "They want us to be strapped into this thing if it sinks to the bottom?"  We rode in this great big circle boat in water.  It would spin really fast and then it would feel like you were falling straight down into the water.  The best part was getting wet.


Grizzly Rapids

The Jumping Jelly Fish ride was fun because they went up and down really fast but the ride only lasted maybe two minutes.  I wish it had been longer.

After lunch we went to the Disneyland side of the park.

Pirates of the Caribbean is different than before.  I really like when the drunk pirates shot water at the middle of the boat we were in.  I wish I had been in the middle of the boat.  We got to see Jack Sparrow.  He was hiding from the pirates.


Pirates of the Caribbean

I like the Haunted House and the ghost that sits in the middle of us.  You see him in the mirrors.  Paula and I had the really skinny, tall ghost.

I loved the fireworks and especially loved seeing Tinkerbell flying through the air.

"Mom, Paula said only two paragraphs at the most!"

Thank you Disney, Paula and Lawrence, I had one of the funnest time of my life.



Hugs and kisses all around, Love, Briaja

A little shyer Holly reserved her comments to words like: fun, awesome, amazing and this is just a cheery place isn't it?

There is so much to see and do at just one of the parks you really need more than a day to explore. And with all the new attractions and festivities honoring the 50th anniversary that are available now is a great time to visit Disneyland. Remember "It's Not To Late To Celebrate".

For more information visit Disney online.

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