The Princess Club Review - Dancers, Gymnasts, Ice Skaters, Ballerinas, Princesses, Fairies, Cowboys – BEHOLD!

Dancers, Gymnasts, Ice Skaters, Ballerinas, Princesses, Fairies, Cowboys – BEHOLD! From Newborns to Pre-teens, from Girls to Boys, from Moms to Dads - The Princess Club appeals to us all!


The Princess Club

Located in the Southport Corridor of Chicago, this is our new go-to place for everything “kids”. With surprises at every turn,The Princess Club will transport you back to being 4 years old and you’ve just entered paradise. From the practical to the magical, The Princess Club offers up a dazzling variety of everything “kids”! 

The practical offerings include a wide variety of leotards, tutus, tights, jazz and ballet shoes for dance wear, as well as bike-tards and footless tights for your gymnastics and tumbling enthusiast. For your little ice skater, this Club offers those “I wish I could have one in my grown-up size” velvet wrap sweaters and velvet leotards. Do you want a matching carry-bag, hair accessory, and necklace for your favorite little gal? Not to worry - The Princess Club has those too! Hold on... is it raining outside? It is? Guess what - this Club displays a gorgeous little section of must-have rain jackets and 3-D umbrellas for girls and BOYS. Don’t let the pink and white decor fool you. Your little cowboy (and cowgirl!) will enjoy the likes of Curious George, Sesame Street, and Elmo. And little buddy will also love the Eco Trucks and Cowboy paraphernalia.

Dance Wear

Dance Shoes

Ice Skating & Gynmastics Wear

Items for Boys

Sesame Street

Now let’s enter the magical land of Fairies and Princesses. These are the dresses of make-believe. Tulle, velvet, sparkles, and glitter. It’s a truly dazzling experience. These fanciful dresses fulfill your gal’s dreams of being a Fairy or Princess or Ballerina or Mermaid or a Cat or a Queen, and more. Flowers, feathers, sparkles, leopard prints, stripes, polka-dots. Ohhhh, to be a kid again. 




Themed Dresses

We love The Princess Club because they’ve thought of everything. Love the top-selling Groovy Girls Section. We love the Wedding Section which includes flower-girl frames, pearl bracelets, and TEA BAGS (oh my!). And we LOVE the Baby Section which hosts adorable onesies as well as Baby Shower Gifts. And how about the Birthday Section!! 

Wedding Display

Groovy Girls

Birthday Display

This is The Princess Club’s 5th year anniversary. Owner Tanya Waits opened this gem in 2008 and it has been going strong since. Manager Caroline-Nicole Figueroa is friendly, knowledgeable, and very accommodating to customers and clients. She encourages input and ideas from customers and follows through, having recently focused a special eye toward acquiring “made in the U.S.A” items, as well as bringing in items for Mom such as clutch bags and crocheted head wraps.The store is open regular business hours as well as being open late on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by appointment if requested. 

Groovy Girls

Hair Accessories

The Princess Club is a true treasure and is a must-visit. Pack up the kids, park on Southport, have some lunch at Crosby’s Kitchen, and plan to spend a fun afternoon together on Southport and at The Princess Club.

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Photos by Shari Imbo

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